Window Tinting Myths Debunked


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In the popularity stakes, home window tinting has become more popular than ever and looks set to become even more so as an increasing number of homeowners tint up. Let’s take a little look at some of the myths that are out there regarding window tinting, and separate fact from fiction.

  • The Home Will be Dark Inside

Windows won’t block any light or visibility in either direction, but harmful UV rays will be blocked by 99%. Window tinting doesn’t have to make your house dark and after installation, you can see out but people can’t see in! Privacy at last.

  • It is More Difficult to Clean than Glass

Not at all. Normally, customers are asked not to clean the window film for the first 30 days after installation. This is what is known as the “drying period,” but after that time, just go ahead and clean your windows like you always did. But, be warned that any harsh treatment with the likes of ammonia or vinegar might just happen to damage the film, so give those a wide berth and also use only soft cloths and nothing too abrasive.

  • Window Tinting Film will Bubble, Change its Colour

No, another myth busted.  Many good people are sceptical about window tinting film because they’ve seen some very dodgy self-applications done with low quality film, or they may have seen the same on some vehicle, that’s full of horrible air bubbles. Nowadays, the finest quality film uses stable dyes and/or permanent layers of metal that will never degrade. And yes, a professional, reliable and trustworthy company only puts on window tinting in Fremantle, once, and they do the job just perfect!

  • House Plants Will be Affected and Suffer

That may depend on the plant, and certainly not in all cases. In fact, some plants will even do better after window tinting has been installed and any dark green houseplants will often thrive due to the increase in moisture content in the air. Some flowering plants may at first experience a short period of shock, but will pick up again after a couple of days. Try simply moving your plants to a slightly darker area by simply moving them away from the window for a few days and see if it affects them.

  • Window Tinting Film is All the Same, So Just Shop Around for the Lowest Price

The quality of window tinting film today is state-of-the-art in solar protection and not only will your home and office windows look and feel great, you will also be saving on power bills because window tinting will help to increase air conditioner efficiency meaning you won’t need to keep it on so high. Choosing the ideal film for your home and office or car is all about deciding what it is that you need it for, and then matching that with the merits of a particular film.

Looking and Feeling Just Fine

Now that you know the facts regarding window tinting, go and check it out!