Property Investment: Where to start


The property sector has been enduring a tough period of late, but with property expected to see a rise of 25% over the next five years and various schemes launched by the government in the hopes to reinvigorate the market, now could be the time to consider becoming a property investor.

Property Investment

If you have been dabbling with the idea of property investment but are unsure about how to take the first steps, here we take a look at how to get started as an investor in property.

Make a plan

A key step in any area of financial investment or property development finance is to make a plan with clear goals and step-by-step guidelines on how you aim to achieve them. Whether you are venturing into property investment part-time or are looking to make a full-time business out of it, a clear and structured business plan will help you keep your goals in mind and see how you are progressing towards them.


The old adage “location, location, location” may seem like a cliché but it is essential when looking at where exactly you will be investing your money in property. Looking at previous areas of growth will help spot potential new hotspots and finding where new developments and projects are planned will help you get in early.

Rental yield

The rental yield of a property is essential information, especially if purchasing a buy-to-let, and is calculated by evaluating the rental income compared to the property value. 10% a good gross income to aim for.

Exit strategy

What is the long term goal of your property investment portfolio? Will your properties purely be for buy-to-let or for buy and sell investments? A buy-to-let portfolio allows you to build up your portfolio over an extended time with the possibility of using the income to replace your salary. Buy and sell property transactions are considered more risky due to the dependence on the property market conditions but they do offer a more instant return on investment, so this should be considered during your investment planning stage.

If you are not sure about which strategy to use or are concerned about avoiding the pitfalls of property investment, then consult with a property mentor such as Glenn Armstrong property.


Buying property is a big investment and some investors find themselves swept along with the enthusiasm of the estate agent and rush in to buy property for fear of losing out on a deal. However it is best to keep a level head and research the area and local property market before making a purchase. Should a property come along that fits your criteria then it is best to move quickly and complete the purchase and prepare the property for renting as soon as possible to get your investment working for you.

Property development finance

Finding the right finance for your venture is essential to your future portfolio and advice from industry experts will ensure you find suitable finance options. Raising the necessary finance to begin your property development strategy will be much more achievable if you consult property finance experts to steer you in the right direction.