5 Ways To Prevent Damage On Your Synthetic Lawn


Protect your lawn against heat, frost, high damage and other destructive elements.

Homeowners opt for artificial turf because it doesn’t need too much care and maintenance just of a real grass. You don’t need to spend your day fertilizing, aerating, or mowing just to achieve a lush lawn.

But this doesn’t necessarily means that synthetic lawn doesn’t require some maintenance job. You still need to perform cleaning and maintenance to upkeep its real-like appearance. Your job doesn’t just end by just hiring a fake turf installation company. You need to look after it.

So, better practice these effective ways so you can avoid any damage on your investment.

Say Bye Stains And Dust

You can rely on rainfall to cleanse your synthetic grass lawn. However, if you are living in place where rainfall is less, a quick spray of water daily  will eliminate the accumulated dust. Aside from that, it can also wash away the hardened and dried organic materials.

On the other hand, you may also opt to mix detergent and water. Spray this mixture to your lawn or simply mop the affected region. You can use this cleaning method for treating stains from alcohol, coffee, tea, blood, fruit juices and many more. But prevent yourself from using products with harsh chemicals because they might cause damage to your synthetic lawn.

Eliminate Chewing Gum and Tree Sap

You can eradicate chewing gum and tree sap through freezing. Dry ice and aerosol packs from your refrigerator can greatly help you with this task. Scrape carefully the element away by means of a knife right after freezing.

Kill Bacteria and Mould

As soon as you notice any unusual coloured sports which suggest mold’s presence, immediately apply hydrogen peroxide to that specific area. Then, utilize clean water to wash it to reduce the risk of the chemical.

It is worth noting that you can’t commonly found bacteria in synthetic grass if you’ve maintained it appropriately. However, if you’re in doubt that there is bacteria on your turf, don’t hesitate to use vinegar and water mixture to get rid of it.

Brush regularly

As per expert’s advice, keep your turf in good condition through brushing its grass regularly, depending on the amount of daily traffic it receives. By doing so, it will help maintain its fibers straight for a long period of time and improve the natural appearance of the turf.

Take some safety precautions all the time.

While high quality cheap fake grass from Australian Synthetic Lawns is made out of tough and durable fibers, you shouldn’t forget to take some safety precautions to avoid any damage on your lawn such as:

  • Though lighted cigarettes can’t burn your synthetic lawn, but they can cause damage on it through fusing the fiber tips together. Put away open flames, cigarettes, and even fireworks from the lawn.
  • Equipment and furniture, which are pointed, should be kept away from the lawn because it may tear or cut the turf.
  • Don’t leave your car parked over your turf.
  • Never expose the turf into reflected light windows since it can tangled turf fibers.


There you have it – the proper ways to take care and maintain the turf. Now that you’re aware of these tips, you can help enhance the usefulness, aging, and aesthetics of the grass.