Top Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Window Film


When most people hear the words “solar window film”, most of them will think of car window tinting. Not too many realise that the benefits of vehicle glass tinting can be transferred over and applied to their homes. Residential solar window film can help to protect the health and comfort of you and your family, help safeguard and protect the interior of your home, help out in costs with the saving of energy, guard your privacy and make your home simply look much more appealing and attractive.


A Reduction in Heat

Solar window film for the home or office is now one of the most popular and efficient ways to reduce unwanted solar heat transference going out through windows. It can actually contribute to almost 80% reduction in heat when compared to untreated glass, and also cools down sun-drenched areas in your home or office.

Will Increase the Security of Your Home or Office

An accident, environmental effects or vandalism can instantly transform a pane of glass into life-threatening shards.  Expert glass protection film at your home or office can act as a safety net by containing the shattered glass together, and easily deter ill intended criminals.

Cuts back on Fading and Health Benefits

Solar window film will block out around an amazing 99% of UV rays, which also helps in reducing heat. This will certainly help to protect your beautiful furnishings from fading and provide a screen for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Lowers Glare

For whatever the reason, be it direct sunlight, reflections from snow, water, or other buildings, the perfect window film solution will assist in cutting out any annoying glare. No more annoying reflections from outside!

Energy Saving Advantages

A reduction of temperature imbalances caused by extreme sunlight is why nowadays, so many designers, architects and building engineers are leaning towards window film. A reduction in the loss of heat will increase HVAC efficiency and again lower energy charges.

Much More Privacy

If you happen to be overlooked by neighbours or passers-by, then solar window film can offer a simple solution that will still allow daylight into your rooms. You can enjoy 27/7 year round privacy because now you can see out, but others can’t see in!

Pleasing to the Eye

Whether it’s a modern or older building, there’s a great range of window film products that can aesthetically enhance the outside and inside of a home or office. Looking ‘cool’ on the outside and being ‘cool’ has never been easier!

Installation Is a Lot Faster than You Could imagine

Professional installation of Solar Window Film is remarkably quick and simple. There’s very little disturbance to your daily lifestyle or work schedule and you’ll soon be enjoying and lapping up all the perks of your new home solar window film in no time at all.

Look and feel great with absolutely no regrets!