Tips for Helping Seniors Move

Seniors Move

Most baby boomers have retired, and many suffer with health issues. As they continue to age, this group of seniors is relocating or downsizing. Many are moving closer to children, and some move because of their health. It’s important for those helping with the decision to sell a house and move to be sensitive and considerate of the difficulties seniors experience when leaving the home where they raised their children. Moving is an emotional experience for older adults, and patience is necessary as they try to decide what doesn’t need to be moved. It’s important to hire movers because it removes much of the burden seniors feel at this time.

Seniors Move

Patience and Practicality

According to Browning Moving and Storage, seniors don’t have the physical stamina and agility they once had, and they work slowly. Your patience will help them as they pick and choose through a lifetime of belongings. There is a great deal of emotion when you part with something you’ve had since you were married, but seniors are practical. If given enough time to sort through their things, they can make the necessary decisions. Patience means not usurping the authority for this move. The seniors in your family can make the decisions and the plan for the move. Your job is to oversee and help wherever they need it. Take care of hiring the movers, and other practical details relating to the transition.

Start Packing As Soon As the Move is Definite

According to USHIP Guides, if your parents are waiting to sell their home before they can move, encourage them to start the sorting and packing process as soon as possible. Encourage them to sort things into four categories, such as things to throw away, things to give to family and friends, things to donate, and things to move. Everything that is not used on a daily basis should be packed for moving or placed in the appropriate category. Start the packing in less emotional rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room.

Professional Movers

It’s important to hire movers who can assure seniors that they will take good care of their belongings. Let the movers pack the delicate glassware, dishes, and other fragile items. They are trained and they have special materials and boxes designed to protect breakable items.

Hiring professional movers will make everyone’s job easier, and your parents will know they will have their valuables safely delivered to them at their new home.