Tips That Will Help You Prepare For Moving Before You Check Professional Movers


If you reached the point of selling the old house and buying a new one that is the time when you should start moving out. The realization that you have purchased a new home will start coming up,and you will have numerous questions in your head before you go to the new location.

First, it is vital to focus on moving and packing, and even though the common perception is that moving is a hell of a task, you can find a way to reduce both stress and hassle along the way. With proper preparation and planning, you will be able to enjoy the moving and packing process.

Leaving one home for another should be a time of celebration because you are opening a new chapter in your life. Still, most people considerthis as one of the most stressful events in their lives.

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Here are some tips that will help you stay focused and organized so that you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free move to your new household:

  1. Keep A Notebook and Fill It With Schedule


The first thing that you should do before you start packing is to plan everything. Purchase some notebook or do it on a mobile device, but in both cases, you should planout and organize every single step of the process.

The best way to simplify the entire process is to designate a binder that will separate your regular agenda and create To Do list scheduled based on the time you have left toward the last day so that you can reduce the hassle along the way.

We recommend you to add page dividers and colored notes so that you can read everything and have more convenient accessibility that without it.

It is vital to have pockets or leaflet holders where you can place essential documents so that you can quickly use them when you are required to do so. The best way to see what you should plan before you start moving out is by clicking here for more information.

You should also make mental reminders and notes that will help you know where to pack certain things before you decide to move. It is vital to print and download moving checklist so that you can have it always with yourself.

  1. Calculate Moving Costs


It is vital to creating a budget for every expense that you are expecting, from the packing to buying boxes and to other costs. Before you start preparing, it is vital to calculate how much you are willing to spend so that you can see your capabilities.

It does not matter if you wish to find appropriate professional movers or to find your own because many factors will make the expenditure.

Everything comes with the price tag, and that can quickly add up to your entire budget, which means that you should have everything written down.

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At the same time, you should find out if your employer requires additional costs and whether you will get a refund after you move to a new place, especially if you are doing it to start doing a new and better job than before.

Therefore, we recommend you always to keep all receipts because they will help you reach income tax reduction and government grants that will save more money in your pockets afterward.

Add moving costs for:

  • Moving boxes, padding, tape, and other supplies
  • Hiring professional company or renting container or a truck
  • Cleaning utilities of prior residence
  • Travel costs such as lodging, food, gas and bus tickets
  • Oil change as well as vehicle maintenance in case that you are planning long distance move
  • Bills of your new home and bills at your old one
  • Money in case of an emergency or accident during your move
  1. Change Your Address

Before you start packing, it is vital to write down in your notebook all essential organizations, utilities and people that you have to contact before you leave the old house.

We are talking about making an address change through postal service, as well as forwarding mail in the next two months, as well as setting up telephone lines, electricity, cable and many more.

You have to update address to Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as other companies that will send you bills such as insurance companies and your friends and family.

You should also allow the non-essential hookups a few days before moving so that you can say goodbye to your friends and family. That will help you deal with stress beforethe move,and you will be able to enjoy all the way.

It is also essential to update your dentists, doctors and other services that are mandatory before you move, especially if you are going out of state or long distance. The old doctors should refer to your new locations and medicinal professionals in the new city or town.

  1. Get Free Moving and Packing Supplies

If you have a limited budget, you do not have to spend money on moving supplies, when you can get them free of charge. The idea is to cut costs as much as possible, and the most effective way is to find free packing supplies.

You can do it by visiting local grocery store or supermarket because they have wide array of boxes of different sizes, which they throw away. Click here if you wish to see a guide that will help you learn how to find free boxes for moving.

Therefore, you can ask them whether they will give it to you instead, but keep in mind that small boxes are essential for storing valuables and vital docents you always need to have next to yourself.

That will save you more money you expected, but you should still calculate the expenses of boxes in case that you cannot find them free of charge.