How to Pack for a Move Across Country

Move Across Country

If you are anticipating a long-distance move, you are probably looking to hire a professional moving company to help you on your journey. Many people, even if they hire professional movers, pack their own belongings in an effort to keep costs down. If you find yourself in this situation, take note of the following tips, which can help to protect your belongings from damage and give you peace of mind.

Move Across Country

Start By Selling

Reducing how much you need to pack allows you to focus on packing those items more securely. If you sell off the items you don’t need or use, you can spend a little more on packing materials and take a little more time to ensure that everything is secure.

Buy Good Boxes

There are two types of box for moving: double-corrugated and standard grade. For fragile items, like glassware, you will want to use double-corrugated boxes and you may even want to double them up. Double-corrugated cardboard can also be used to wrap and pad furniture and is great for protecting finishes.

Items like books and clothing can be shipped in standard corrugated boxes that are new or in good condition (not already bent or crushed). This is a good opportunity to save money by finding gently used boxes that your local grocery or big box store is going to recycle anyway.

Wrap and Strap

In general, cross-country moving companies will put boxes onto pallets for easy moving and stability. If you pack the pallets yourself, make sure the boxes are strapped down with nylon strapping bands or tape. Alternatively, overwrap that boxes with plastic to provide stability.

Consider Crates

For really fragile items, you might want to consider crates. Crates offer the highest level of protection, but cost a lot more. If you have expensive or very fragile items to ship, crates are worth their expense.


The most important thing you can do when shipping items across the country is to label them. Purchase shipping labels and put your name, address, and phone number on them. Put at least one label on everything you ship and consider using two just in case one falls off.

Preparation Is Key

As with many things in life, moving is easier if you prepare well. The more time you take to pack and organize your belongings correctly, the more likely they are to reach their new home in Olympia, WA or Palm Beach, FL in pristine condition. It may seem tedious to wrap and pack so many items, but spending time on good packaging will save time and prevent headaches during the move. Call a cross-country moving company today to get started on the process of packing and to get more tips for making your move as easy as possible.