Best Time to Rent Apartments

Rent Apartments

There are many reasons some renters prefer short-term leases. For traveling nurses, contractors, and technology technicians, month-to-month apartments make a lot of sense, because they travel from one temporary assignment to another. Flexibility is the most popular benefit of short-term rentals. If you are checking out a new area to live, don’t get locked into a lease in case you discover the job market is not what you hoped. If you are taking a few months off to travel, month-to-month is a great option. It also works for people new to an area that plan to purchase a house as soon as their current one sells. Some folks just don’t know what their future holds and prefer not to be locked into a long-term lease. There are many reasons to consider month-to-month rentals.

Rent Apartments

Month-To-Month Leases Found Everywhere

Renters can find month-to-month rental units with many that are fully furnished and provide Cable and WiFi. This is especially great for people who want to have as little as possible to drag around on temporary jobs, and people on extended vacations don’t carry anything but their clothing and personal care items.


According to Apartment Guide, month-to-month rentals are perfect for the person who needs or wants flexibility in their life, is waiting to see if a job opens up, or is hoping to get into an apartment lease in a luxury building a few blocks away. Maybe a person is young, restless, and wants to spend a month in different cities for a couple of years working odd jobs. Some young adults fresh out of college want to check a city out for a while to see if it is a place they were consider living for several years. And of course the flexibility is necessary for temporary job specialists from health care to the technology industry.

The Other Side

The flexibility you will enjoy paying month-to-month, allows the landlord to increase your rent with only a month’s notice. They can also ask you to vacate with only a month’s notice. Always learn what the “cons” are in any situation where you like the “pros.” Most renters will take the risk that rent will go up, especially if they only plan to stay one or two months.

While your life is in a state of fluctuation, try renting month-to-month to give yourself the flexibility you need until you are ready to settle down in one place.