A Guide To Moving Home

Guide To Moving Home

Moving is a time that’s both stressful and exciting. The trick to making a smooth move is concocting a fail safe plan – and then executing it with expertise when the time comes to move out of your old abode. Make sure you’re both organised and efficient, and you should have no problem getting it done!

Preparing for Your Move

To prepare for your move effectively you need to get rid of everything that you don’t need. Assess all of your belongings and decide what you definitely need to take with you and what you’re ok with leaving behind – you might want to take a look at skip hire if you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff!

  • Try to assess the space in your new home to see what will fit in and what won’t. If you’re moving in with somebody else, see if they have nicer/hi tech/newer versions of the stuff you’ve got that you’ll be able to both use.
  • Sell your stuff on eBay or Gumtree a couple of weeks before the move – this will give you more space and extra cash for your old junk!
  • Give some of your stuff to charity – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!
  • Try to use up all of the food in your fridge/freezer so you don’t end up having to take all of it with you.

Guide To Moving Home

Pack Your Stuff

You need to find the perfect balance with packing – don’t pack so far in advance that you’ve packed up the things you need, but don’t leave it so late that you’re rushing around like a headless chicken.

  • Get hold of some cardboard boxes; you’ll need loads of these, so ask at as many supermarkets as you can.
  • Label the boxes clearly in marker pen so you know what’s in them at all times and what rooms they’ll need to go in in your new home.
  • Pack one box full of “essential” items, so you have that as soon as you get in your new home no matter how later it is. This should include things like your toothbrush and other bathroom essentials, as well as pyjamas, and maybe coffee so you can wake up properly in the morning!
  • Remember not to pack away any important paperwork to do with the move, just in case!

Once your stuff is packed and you’re ready to go, you’ll want to book a moving fan to help you take your stuff to the new location. When packing your stuff, pack the heaviest boxes at the back and the lightest at the front.

Set Up Your New Home’s Utilities Before You Get in There

You should set up all utilities in your new home in advance, so that you can warm the place up and have a nice hot shower right from the start!

  • Sort out your gas, electric, TV, phone, internet, water, and so on.
  • Make sure you know where the nearest amenities are too, so you can go straight to the shop and buy bread, milk, and anything else you might need.

Because you’ve been clever and taken so much time to prepare, you can now start to enjoy your new home straight away. No headaches or hassles for you!