Mold and mildew removing in apartment

Mold and mildew removal

Many of us are familiar with such a serious problem as wet walls, mold on walls, mold in the bathroom and on a tile, ceilings and ask a question: Is it possible to deal with mold? The fact is that mold on walls not only spoil the look of your house, but also destroy building materials and give extremely negative impact on human health. When microscopic fungus of mold spores fall down on wet surface of wood, stone, or concrete they sprout with finest threads (scientific – mycelium) and destroy them. Fungus of different kinds, mold and microorganisms has allergenic properties and can cause intoxication. Here are just some of the diseases provoked by mold and fungi: laryngitis, tracheitis, conjunctivitis, thrush, stomatitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, dermatitis, eczema and asthma… This list of diseases associated with mold and mildew appearance in your house can be continued. That is why you need to delete mold at early stage of its occurrence.

Mold and mildew removal

First of all, you must find out the causes of orange and black mold. If to know these causes you can not only remove the fungus and mold from walls, but also prevent its appearance in future. The main reason for the growth of mold, fungus and rot is high humidity and condensation level. Mold can not appear in the apartment itself without moisture. Usually, due to stable high humidity level in the bathroom, it is the first place in your house for mold appearance. As a rule it appears on the grout between ceramic tiles.

Plastic windows, poor ventilation, air ducts layout changing leads to increased humidity in the room and as a consequence – condensate and eventually mold on walls. High humidity and dampness inside the walls of your apartment can be caused by construction flaws such as poor inter panel joints insulation, increased residual moisture of building materials. Even slanting rain that pours on walls and does not flow through troughs and gutters can cause walls soaking. The result is moisture and mold in the apartment – a favorable environment for fungus quick growth.

Now let’s figure out how to remove spots of mold and fungus appeared on apartment walls and which means should be used. It is rather difficult to give universal answer to this question. There are many materials that help to remove mold from cheap copper sulfate to very expensive innovative reagents for black mold, mildew and rot removing.

And finally a few tips on how to prevent mold appearance: ventilate rooms well to remove excess moisture, set furniture at some distance from walls to allow air circulation, use dry materials (bricks, concrete, wood, foam, etc.) during construction and renovation, process facades with waterproofing agents, use only high-quality means for dealing with mold and fungus. And, finally, all building materials must undergo pre-antiseptic treatment, you should also use antiseptics in interior works to ensure high quality waterproofing of bathrooms, basements and cellars.