Turning the basement into a living room


living roomThe decision to turn a basement into the garage, for equipment storage and auxiliary facilities can not be called wrong. However, large houses usually have huge basement premises, so even in case you fill it with all your equipment and other stuff, there still will be a lot of free space. If to separate a part of the garage and boiler room, the basement can be used for a variety of purposes. So why not renovate basement design, turning it into a living room or a guest area?

If you are planning to make your basement a residential room, where people will stay for a long period of time, you have to create the appropriate engineering support and more thoughtful design of the ground floor. The most important engineering system at this level are the ventilation, which is required to provide normal air exchange. Most likely you will have to create an air circulating system, with the help of specialized equipment. Electrical wiring should be hidden. Heating system is an important component that ensures comfortable temperature during the cold seasons. The advantage of a warm floor becomes even more visible in the basement premises. In case you decide to organize a gym or a bedroom in the basement, you will have to think about the bath or shower.

When thinking on the design of a house basement, special attention should be paid to stairs construction, especially if they are to be regularly used by children or disabled people. The ways of evacuation from the basement in case of emergency must be provided. It is desirable to plan and create two exits from the premises, especially in case the basement is really large.

So, what can be accommodated on the ground floor? If you are not limited with finances, you can create whatever your heart desires. In the design of the basement, you can safely plan an aquarium or even a swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, a fireplace and a wine cellar.

Billiard room. Almost all men want to have a special area in the house to meet friends. If there is a possibility to turn the ground floor in such an area, the decision will be convenient to all members of the house. It will be possible to watch football and make noise, without interfering in other household members lives. Billiard room can also include a bar, a TV and space for table games.

The main thing when renovating the basement premises, is to make this space as cozy as possible. You can pick very thoroughly all the finishing materials, furniture and lightning. Finishing the living space in the basement, you should closely monitor the conditions of humidity, temperature and proper air exchange. It is necessary to inspect carefully the walls and floors to ensure there are no damp or moldy areas. Emerging problems should be addressed without delay. So, use the best experience and renovate your basement according to your needs and wants.