Your Eligibility Requirements for a Home Loan

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Everyone wants a home, but not everyone wants a loan. Applying for funds is not an option for many people. They have to ensure they get the home and the loan they want. If you are planning to buy a home, find different ways to improve your chances of obtaining funds. First, know if you are eligible for a home loan before you waste your time looking for one.

Mortgage Broker


To be eligible for any type of loan, you must be employed first. You cannot expect a bank or lender to believe that you will pay off a loan without employment. Not any type of employment will do, though. You must prove you earn enough money to make reasonable payments every month.

It does not matter where you work either. As long as you have evidence of good pay through work stubs. In addition, expect the lender to contact your employer directly.

Any length of employment is not always accepted. In many cases, you must have stable employment that has continued for several years. This stability shows you are reliable and likely to make stable payments. It is not good if you have been employed off and on for several months.

Good Credit

Good credit is essential to getting a good loan. Your credit history includes the names of all the lenders you have worked with in the past. You must prove you are paying your loans steadily without any late or missed payments. Your credit score reflects your ability to take out loans and pay them reliably.

You may be able to get loans with bad credit, though. Working with a mortgage broker is a good way to discover your options. There are networks of lenders available to people with bad credit or no credit at all.


Have a co-signer by your side when you fill out a loan application. This co-signer could be a family member, friend or anyone you know who agrees to make payments when you cannot. Increase the chances of getting approved for a mortgage when you have another signature on the application. If you are having financial difficulties, you want this co-signer as a back up. The bank needs absolute confidence that the money will come in steadily. Otherwise, the bank will increase your interest rates and charge very high fees.

Everyone has thought about building or buying a home at some point. For some people, realizing that dream is easy. For other people, it is nearly impossible. Fortunately, everyone has options to secure funding for a dream home. There are plenty of home loans offered by banks, online lenders and financial institutions. However, you cannot fill in an application and get approved right away. You have to go through a qualification process. The lenders need proof that you are qualified to handle the responsibility of a loan. You cannot expect the lenders to give out money to everyone. So, the first step to getting any loan is to know the qualification process and improve your chances of passing through it.