Choose Your Office Space Carefully

office space

Regardless of the type of business you run where you locate your headquarters and offices is an important decision. You want to be accessible to your customers, make a good impression and to be located in an area where there is strong demand for your product or service.

Choosing the wrong location for your offices can have a negative impact on your business and slow the rate at which it grows. Here is a guide to finding the right location and making sure that you pay the right price.

office space

Price is not the only consideration

The first thing to understand is that simply finding the cheapest offices and renting those is rarely a good idea. Of course, price is important you need to stick within your budget, but if you can afford better office space in a better area, it makes business sense to spend the extra cash on good offices in a good location.

What your location tells your customers

Where you are located sends a message to both existing and potential clients. If you are in a good location, it is only natural for people to be impressed and to assume that you are a well-established and successful firm. Most people believe that a firm like this is one that they can trust to do a good job.

Blend in with your neighbours

If your firm is a specialist, for example part of the financial services industry, locating yourself near other similar companies can also be advantageous. For this type of firm having office space in Bishopgate is a big plus from an image and branding point of view. That is because this area has a reputation for being a centre for financial firms. Potential customers definitely feel more comfortable about using firms like this.

A location like this also has advantages when it comes to securing work. Not only are customers impressed by the fact that you are near so many large firms can make it easier to grow. Often, other firms will turn to you to help them to fulfil big contracts. In most sectors, the use of sub contractors is the norm.

By locating yourself on their doorstep, you have the chance to network and build strong working relationships with other firms in your industry. It also helps you to keep abreast of developments and changes in your sector, which allows you to spot opportunities early and take advantage of them.

Close to a good transport network

Even in this day and age, where a lot of business is done online, being headquartered in an area with a good transport network is still important. If you need materials to produce your product, or deliver your service, locating yourself close to a good road network can help you to save money. Deliveries to remote areas can work out expensive because many firms charge more to deliver to areas like these, and often they will not deliver every day.

Being close to a good transport network also helps you to recruit the best people. Most people will choose to work for a firm where the commute is easy rather than work for one who is located in a place that is difficult to get to. Customers are also more likely to be willing to attend sales meetings and promotional events if your offices or headquarters are easy to access.

Follow these basic tips and you will find yourself the best offices for you, in the best locations, for the right price.