Several things you should know about secured loans


If you own a property or some kind of asset, and you need a huge sum of money, that is going to be no problem at all. These loans are also known as mortgage loans and if you go for such loans for the second time with the first mortgage unpaid then it is called second mortgage; they both are secured by some property that is worth the amount of that loan. In case of these loans, if you fail to pay the loan within fixed or decided tenure, the lenders have every right by law that they can sell that property of yours in order to get their money back.

Several things you should know about secured loans

Not difficult to obtain

Secured loans are very easy to obtain. There is no difficulty to pursue a lender for such kind of loan. In unsecured loans, you have to convince lenders that you can pay them back and you have to show them your monthly resources or income. In unsecured loans, lender’s money is usually at greater risk, so they are difficult to get. When it comes to mortgage loans lenders have a security in the form of some property or asset, which they can sell. Since there is no risk of losing money, the lenders readily lend away this kind of loan. Even in case of second mortgage lenders usually lend easily.

Huge sums

As it has been mentioned earlier, lenders are at no risk of losing their money, so they do not hesitate while lending away huge sums of money. In case of mortgage loans, you can get as much amount of loan as you wish; the only condition is that you should have a property or asset of that value. There are no long processes of convincing the lenders. Just offer your property or asset as security and you will get that loan easily.

Longer tenures

Since you can borrow larger sums of money, you can also have longer tenures to pay that huge sum back. When it comes to mortgage loans you can always go for longer tenures, but remember; with longer tenures come the higher interest rate. Whereas shorter tenures come with less interest rates, but larger EMIs depending upon the amount you have borrowed. In case of second mortgage you should always go for shorter tenures. You have to pay back the first mortgage even.

Debt counseling

Always go for debt counseling before going for mortgage loans. But when it comes to second mortgage, counseling becomes even more important. The reason behind this is that you go for larger sums of money and you offer your property as security. You must always go for a debt counselor and he after analyzing your conditions and requirements, would suggest whether you should go for loan or not and what amount you should go for.

Think twice before going for secured loans

Secured loans are very easy to get, but think twice before going for these loans. You offer your property as security for these loans, and in case you can’t pay them back you have to lose your property; that is why think twice.

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