Unique gifting ideas: Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings
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You might wonder about various gifting ideas every now and then when you are invited to an event or a gathering. We always gifts to express our feelings towards the host. Sometimes it is easy to find gifts for a birthday bash, however just to honor a guest it gets sometimes tricky to decide on a particular souvenir. One of the options is an elegant set of napkin rings which can be used to adorn a stunning holiday table setting. You can opt for gifting napkin rings without even hurting your budget and let your creative side sway the hosts with some DYI ideas for napkin rings. Exquisite handmade rings can be gifted on almost every occasion like marriage ceremonies, anniversaries and other family’s get together.

Napkin Rings

  • You can turn your local store to design and craft some amazing napkin rings from the unexpected materials and it will always be your wallet friendly.
  • Most of the artificial tabletop trees are generally sold with the replacement branches. Just use scissors to cut those branches into strips of 4 inch each. You may wrap these twig sets over a circular ring and adorn it with the embellishments like jingle bells with a twine.
  • You can add an industrial to the napkin ring by crafting with a miniature clamp. All you need is to work on clamps that are 3 inch wide and color them according to your preference. You may also opt for sprinkling some sparkle over the napkin ring to give a beautiful scintillating touch.
  • It is also favorable to look for a chalkboard paper in the craft section at the store. Even a card stock would do the job of outfitting it as a napkin ring. You may wrap the paper around the napkin secure it with a ribbon through slit. The crafting papers are malleable and easy to shape into the perfect circle shaped rings.
  • A bailing wire which can be found in most of the homes improvement sections is usually used for hanging and securing objects in a place. Create a wonderful architectural zest for the napkin rings by crafting the bailing wire into 2 inch wide cylindrical shapes. Strands of metallic tinsel garlands are also great materials for making such festive napkin rings. They are relatively easier to cut with craft scissors.
  • You can’t just let go the holiday gift wrapping sheets in the waste and they can used as the colorful embellishments. These colorful wrapping sheets will definitely create a pattern for the rings and will introduce a textured look. Add a variety of purple and golden tones which will basically blend with any kind of table scope décor.

The various napkin designs can be searched over the internet to gain a few ideas about how to make them on your own. You can play with the textures and the shadows with ruffles ribbon fabrics and create wonderful designer napkin rings to gift.