How To Build The Perfect Real Estate Website

real estate website design

Many real estate agents who are updating their websites get lost in the variety of themes and templates and lose focus of what clients are really looking for. A very simple example is using a heavy template that takes a long time to load. Sure, a pretty website can engage the visitor, but not if there are similar sites offering the same features and loading much faster. So let’s take a look at the features that will make your real estate website the “go to” website for people looking to buy or sell their properties.

real estate website design

  1. Informative Header

A header that area that clearly states the services you provide. What is it that makes your agency different than all the others? Are you specializing in foreclosures? In beach houses? In high-end properties and luxurious apartments? Whatever that is that makes you special, state it clearly on the header. If you have been many years in the business, do not forget to add a “since 19…” line as well. People do trust older agencies more.

  1. Search Options

People love real estate websites with many search options. Make sure that your website has as many as possible, meaning that the listings can be presented according to:

-Low to high price

-High to low price

-Map location

-Number of rooms


-Distance from schools/public transport/shopping areas

  1. Pictures

Use lots of them. Take the time and effort to gather great pictures of the properties listed in your website. Writing a checklist with the pictures you will need from people who wish to make a listing is a good idea, if you cannot go to the property yourself. People interested in buying properties from abroad rely on the pictures to narrow down their choices. This means that every listing should ideally come with a gallery of as many interior and exterior pictures as possible. Make sure that the pictures have a good enough resolution to be of good quality and not grainy or blurry. But also make sure that they are not unnecessarily heavy files, otherwise your website will take more time to load.

  1. Information about the area

Take the time to upload a few posts about the area where the majority of the listings are located. People will be more attracted to properties if they can imagine their life in this area. Give details about local attractions, education, nightlife, shopping, dining, arts and culture centers and so on. Mention if the area is quiet or more vibrant and add some pictures as well.

  1. Buttons and icons

Using buttons and icons make it easy for the user to navigate within the website and interact with the agent. Add buttons that the visitor can use in order to contact the agent, ask for more information, receive a free e-book with the listing specifications and so on. Make it easy for people to get what they want in order to make their decisions.

  1. Make it mobile

Most people nowadays are using a smart phone or tablet to access the web. Using an app builder, like the one offered by Conduit, to make your website accessible to potential clients on the go will greatly increase the number of visitors to your website. Make sure that the app incorporates all the important features of your website, such as the search options and image galleries. Make it also possible for users to book appointments with your agency online!