Packing Up and Preparing for College Life

Packing Up

The move away to college can be a little daunting for prospective students and parents alike but the experts at educational resource, Getting-In, are here to help with a range of top tips for packing and preparing for the next stage in education and adult life with as little stress as possible for all concerned!Packing Up

Following results day and the clearing process, the countdown is on for both students looking to escape to their own space and for parents looking to regain some of theirs, but where do you start when it comes to preparing for the move into student accommodation?

Prep for Peace of Mind

Before you venture off to your new digs, it is essential that you put in the groundwork securing your college accommodation in good time; check out facilities in person where possible to ensure you are not greeted by a few surprises when arriving on the doorstep of your new student home. Ensure you rate your housing options based on value for money, quality, distance to and from local amenities and more importantly, distance to and from your place of study. Remember, whilst accommodation on the outskirts of town may have its financial advantages at the first glance, you may end up spending more money on transport to and from college, amenities and party hotspots. Also, consider whether your student housing has the on-site facilities you are looking for, such as car parking, secure bike storage, internet provisions and laundry services.

Get Your Contents Covered

So you’ve been shopping for all those kitchen and bedroom essentials such as bedding, towels, crockery and cookware, but did you consider insuring these to make sure they stand the test of time during your time at college? Contents cover is great value for money and protects homeware essentials, tech and other equipment from theft and accidental damage. For a few dollars a month, you can ensure any money spent buying these essentials isn’t wasted!

Packing the Essentials

The most important thing to pack is money; funding and other student finance can often get delayed, especially if it is the very first payment so having enough cash to get through those first few weeks of college life is vital. Next, ensure all homeware items are packed, kitchen items are a great place to begin, many retailers offer student starter packs full of the kitchen utensils that every student will require. Ensure these are good quality and can survive the brunt of the average damage inexperienced cooks of all ages may cause! A cutlery, crockery, saucepan and glassware set are all great investments. Food parcels are also an excellent idea, stocking up on the basics like pasta, condiments, beverages, cooking oil and tinned goods will keep food bills down in the first few months.

The bedroom is another area that may only be part-furnished and whilst the bed and desk may be provided, the soft furnishings will be lacking. Make sure a duvet and pillow set are a part of your luggage, as well as all those home comforts that minimize the all-too-common ailment of home sickness!