Why is tool maintenance so important?

tool maintenance

The regular checking and maintenance of tools in the construction industry is vital to the longevity of the tool itself, and ultimately the cost effectiveness of your business. If tools are serviced on a regular basis, it will save you money in the long run as potential deterioration of tools may be spotted before further problems have the chance to develop.

Here at RD Castings Ltd, we not only produce the highest quality tools for industries such as construction and engineering, but provide a tool maintenance service where tools can either be modified to suit customer needs or have their functionality checked, giving them the longest possible life expectancy.

The way in which this is done is through a rigorous inspection process and then tools are prepared before they are sent back to the customer, ensuring defect free production runs.

Correct tool function is equally as important as the function of the goods manufactured by the tools themselves. Very complex or intricate tools may require a few design cycles, trialling prototypes and evaluating their performance so that the objective of the equipment is successfully reached. Halts in production or products containing defects could result from poorly designed or running tools.

CNC jigs and fixtures, as well as precision press tools are produced or modified by RD Castings Ltd, in our dedicated tool room. By using the state of the art KR-L300 CNC lathe with conversational programming and an SM-1500 3 axis CNC mill also with conversational control, our tool room equips us with the latest technology to ensure cost effective production.

tool maintenance

RD Castings Ltd are also more than happy to be involved in one off sample productions and proto types should customers need to confirm size and function before committing to full scale tool production. We are keen to be involved in projects from an early stage, so as we can make suggestions leading to savings in tooling and component costs.

Design trialling before tools are implemented in production runs, and regular maintenance checks throughout the life span of the tools mean problems such as a the delay in production of products, or faults in the products can be avoided before they are given a chance to occur. A good service after each production run will protect your customers and save you money in the long run.