10 Questions To Ask When Home Buying

home buying
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If you’re looking to buy a new home, you must make sure you do your research and ask all of the right questions in advance. A house is a big purchase and, due to closing costs and other fees, not one you can often get out of quickly if you find out you’ve made a mistake. Below are ten crucial questions to ask when searching for homes for sale in Bossier City LA.

home buying

  1. When was the roof last replaced?

A new roof is a huge expense. Most are rated to last for around 20-30 years, so if you know a new one was put on three years ago, you don’t have to plan on spending thousands too soon.

  1. Have there been broken pipes?

What you’re looking for here is water damage. Even if it’s hidden by paint and drywall, water damage can cause rot and decay if not taken care of properly.

  1. Have there been infestations?

Specifically, you want to look for termites. Again, if there were past infestations, you need to search out any hidden damage.

  1. Has there ever been a fire?

There are stories of homeowners buying renovated homes that look beautiful, only to find smoke and fire damage in the attic–evidence that a fire once struck and the homeowners covered things up.

  1. How much do the utility costs add up to?

The amount a homeowner spends on electricity and gas can tell you a lot about what you should expect when figuring out your monthly bills. Additionally, if the heating costs seem high, you may find issues with the insulation or the heating system itself.

  1. Are there problems with the sewer pipes?

If the sewer has backed up, as with any water-related incidents, there could be hidden damage. Additionally, you need to know if the pipes should be cleaned or replaced.

  1. How old are the major appliances?

Now, learning about the refrigerator or the oven is fine, but you really want to know about things like the furnace and the hot water heater. Check them out to see when these critical systems will need to be replaced, and get warranty papers if you can.

  1. How big is the garage?

Cars have been getting much larger over the years. Make sure yours will fit in an older garage.

  1. Are there cracks in the foundation?

A minor crack in the foundation may not matter, but large cracks are very problematic, causing instability and flooding, and they’re difficult and expensive to fix.

  1. Has the homeowner done any work in the house?

Though the homeowner may have meant well, you do want to get any DIY electrical work or plumbing work checked out to be sure it’s up to code.