5 Online Tools to Make Apartment-Hunting Easy for You

Apartment Hunting
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There is little that the Internet cannot do for you. From neighborhood grand sales to the Game of Throne updates, it can inform you about almost anything. But, did you consider using it for apartment hunting? Whether you are looking to rent a modest apartment in Cary, North Carolina or a plush duplex in upscale Manhattan, you can use the various websites to pin down the home of your choice. With several search tools dedicated to making apartment hunting much easier, you can now ditch the road and turn to your laptop. Here are five such sites that will streamline your apartment-hunt:

Apartment Hunting

  1. Rent Social

This site is designed to ease your apartment-hunt in a new city with an array of search-friendly features. It requires you to create a new profile to get started. Alternatively, you can sign in through Facebook. As soon as you sign in, you will be connected to your other friends and family members on the network. Thanks to its natural language processing ability, it generates result for even the long and most complicated searches. The site flaunts a sleek and easy-to-navigation schemeinterface, making it easy for you to find reviews, photos, general information, floor plans, rent, contact information, and more.

  1. Trulia

Is it the proximity to good schools that matters to you the most, or is it the local crime rate that you are most concerned about? Perhaps you are more interested in the shopping and other attractions that the community neighborhood has to offer? Trulia’s contextual information will let you locate a suitable apartment home in the right neighborhood. Just like most other sites of this kind, you will need to create an account directly through Trulia or you can sign in using your Facebook details to gain access to all the information. Its customized Advice and Guidance sections are also the big draws among apartment-hunters.

  1. Lovely

This social apartment search site boasts a nationwide membership. As you enter the PIN code of your preferred area, it pops up a color-coded search result, with red denoting the latest listings. It also allows you to filter your search by numbers of bedrooms, rent and even pet-friendliness. You can apply for a rental right from the page, without being redirected to an outside website. The site sends all your application to the landlord instantly, so that you can get a leg-up on other searchers. You can think of Lovely as a virtual real estate agent for you and speed up the entire apartment hunting process.

  1. Padmapper

This social media tool sources its data primarily from Craigslist and combines them with other data to create attractive ads. The interface is presented as an interactive map, allowing you to virtually navigate the surrounding areas, by clicking on the Street View and the WalkScore buttons. In addition to sending new listing alerts on a preferred frequency, the tool also allows the property owners with matching criteria contact you directly.

  1. Crashpad

From helping you create a visually attractive profile to finding your next apartment, this search tool takes stress off the apartment hunting process. After you create your Crashpad profile, you can share it directly on social media sites or post it on Craigslist. Apart from your personal details, the profile also includes your preferred neighborhood, monthly rental budget and a probable move-in date. If you are intending to share your new apartment home with a roommate, the site enables you to find a suitable roommate to live with.

Whether you are a college student looking for a small apartment in Cary, North Carolina or a high-flying executive on the lookout for a plush unit in one of the metro cities in the US, these search tools will help you find the perfect new nest in your preferred locality. Make these secret weapons a part of your search and find your next apartment on-the-go.

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