Tips to Remember when Hiring Movers


Are you in the lookout for the Best moving company in Edmonton? Moving from one place to another can be pretty stressful. Aside from closing and reconnecting with your networks, there is also the trouble of transporting all your things from one home to another. You need to make sure that you are entrusting the right moving company. Here are tips that can help you if you are doing this for the first time.

Get a thorough estimate. Never trust any moving company that gives estimates over the phone or through a quick glance of your items during the initial estimation. What you should trust is a Winnipeg best moving company who promises to tally every item to be moved in your home and to base the pricing on a specific set of measurable standards. This will include the weight of the item, and also the value because the insurance will depend on it. If you are moving abroad, the movers will also include taxes in the estimation, depending on the items of significant value included in your boxes.

Avoid companies that look for a large deposit. The legally accepted deposit from Victoria moving co is around 10% or less of the total contract price of your shipment, and any amount bigger than this is simply unacceptable. You should be required to pay for the remaining balance only upon delivery, and if you require any extra services from your Moving company Edmonton, this should be made payable within 20-30 days on average.


Stay away from movers Winnipeg operating under different names. You might find that some movers operate under different company names. They do so either to prevent being taxed highly, or because they’re trying to “rebrand”. In some cases, rebranding is not a bad thing, unless the rebranding efforts are triggered by a bad rap from a former client. If something bad happened in the past and your mover is trying to wash their hands off it, it should be an indication of how badly they will treat you if something goes awry with your shipment as well.

Don’t pack the items yourself. You might think that you are saving money by packing your items yourself but this is not true. It is best to let the packers pack your items because if you pack your items yourself, your Victoria moving co won’t be liable for any damaged items while your boxes are in transit. This is something any reputable mover would warn you about.

Understand insurance and contract terms of movers Winnipeg. Before signing anything with a mover, go over the contract and insurance terms carefully. Perhaps you can ask for someone with more knowledge about movers to sit and read the contract with you. Items you should carefully look at are the payment and insurance terms. For the estimate, is this the maximum amount they can charge you? For the insurance claims, how many months do you have from the date of delivery? You might need to open your box within nine months, for example, for any insurance claims to be viable.

Hunter Smith is a moving consultant who has been helping families find the best movers Winnipeg for 7 years. The most established names in the industry also consult him to make sure they are in line with their customers’ expectations.