Protecting your Valuables from Humidity


As your family grows the space in your home becomes more limited. You begin to collect more child-friendly furniture, toys, and essential items that better suit your current lifestyle. Slowly, your valuable furniture, antiques and sentimental ornaments start to make their way down into your basement or an offsite storage unit with the hope that as the family matures, you will be able to reintroduce the items back into your space. While your items lay dormant, it is important to protect them from the elements to preserve their value. Below are some helpful steps you can take to ensure the lifespan of your valuables while they are stored away.


Waterproof your Basement

This is vital to ensuring your valuables and your home is safe from the outside elements. Waterproofing your basement will add additional square footage to your living space, increasing the value of your real estate. Murrell’s Waterproofing in Loganville, GA recommends an interior draining system for those of you who have a Yankee or Well Basement, “This type of basement requires additional waterproofing measures to insure water and moisture are channeled around the space and not permitted to penetrate either the walls or the floor.”

It is important that you consult with a professional prior to completing this project. Hiring a specialist will guarantee the job is done right. Specialty companies will often also issue a warranty.


Lowering the humidity in the basement will protect metal pipes from rusting and will eliminate mold that might start to grow on your stored valuables. An enclosed humid environment will cause deterioration, and will produce a musky odor that is hard to eliminate.

Using a dehumidifier in your basement is a short term solution but it will have less of a financial burden. If you live in a naturally humid region, it is important that you waterproof your basement along with purchasing a dehumidifier to safeguard against the outside elements.

Invest in a Home Alarm System

This is the easiest way to protect your valuables along with your entire home and family. Alarm systems are relatively fast to install and will give you immediate satisfaction.

Purchase Insurance

Chances are you have Homeowners Insurance, so you might as well include Antiques and Collectibles Insurance under your home policy coverage. If your items are of high value, it is important that you avoid a potential financial loss. The cost of insurance is minimal compared to the loss of an expensive and more importantly, sentimental piece of furniture or art.