How to Save Thousands on a House Extension

House Extension
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As we approach the autumn months, many UK residents are considering making a few adjustments around the home. Some think that re-designing and redecorating their kitchen is all that’s needed, others are opting to finally turn their spare bedroom into the office space they’ve been promising themselves for years, but you might be surprised to learn they many others have their sights set on structural change.

Obviously this is far more expensive than a simple redecorating job, but most don’t realise that the cost can be kept at an affordable level if you’re willing to do a little research and plan well in advance. With that in mind, i’ve written this short article to fill you in on everything you need to know about saving literally thousands of pounds when building an extension on your home.

Have a read through and let me know if the info was of any use.

House Extension

Getting Planning Permission

Some people cower at the very thought of having to draw up detailed plans and fill in hundreds of different forms at their local council in an attempt to gain planning permission, but in reality, it’s far simpler than it used to be these days. So long as your extension won’t have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your area, or your neighbours privacy, most planning applications are accepted within only a couple of weeks – so stop stressing!

It might be worth calling the professionals to help construct your plan, but just so you’ve got some idea who to contact, I hear that Lincolnshire architects are recommended more highly than anyone else in the UK at the moment.

Keeping The Neighbours Onside

It’s always best to keep your neighbours informed about everything you intend to do. This should stop them from making noise complaints or anything else that could extend your building time. Neighbours tend to be the number one reason for building projects taking longer than expected – and you’ll already know; time is money!

Don’t Rush Your Choice Of Builder

Though your friends and family may think they’re helping you out by recommending their friend to complete your job, it’s vitally important that you spend a considerable amount of time weighing up your options when it comes to builders. Ideally you need to find someone who’s great with problems solving and who has received rave reviews from other clients. The internet is probably your best tool for this, but don’t rush things, as the old English proverb says; softly softly catchee monkey.

Stay On Top Of Your Budget

It’s wise to ensure you keep around 15% of your budget back to allow for any unforeseen costs or problems that may arise during the building process. Just be on your guard, as some less-than-reputable builders may try to inflate their fees by creating problems or highlighting issues that don’t need to be looked at.

So there you have it my structurally-unsatisfied friends. You should now have enough of an insight to ensure you spend as little as possible when you finally set the ball rolling and bite the extension bullet. Just remember that this type of build could add a significant amount of value to your property, so it’s imperative that you keep a close eye on finances to guarantee the increase in value is more than the amount spent.

Good luck!