Advantages of Moving to the Country


The population of London has surged by 104,000 in the past year and now stands at about 8.2 million. I live in Islington which is the most densely populated borough in London with an average of 13,875 residents per square kilometre. When I moved back to London after an absence of a few years in a sleepy university town the constant hustle and bustle of city life came as a bit of a shock. Living in a city is something you can easily get used to but many people nowadays are reaching a stage in their lives where they just want to get away from it all, and are therefore moving to the countryside. If you make the decision to pack up and move you can find your life significantly enriched by the benefits that country life has to offer.

The Romantic poet William Wordsworth was a great proponent of living within nature and once wrote of people that, “With nature never do ‘they’ wage A foolish strife; they see / A happy youth, and their old age / Is beautiful and free.” Now doesn’t this sound like a great existence? City life is not only filled with crowds, but also pollution, stress and an overabundance of invasive technology. The countryside provides some major respite from all of this, along with a more languid pace of life in decidedly more pleasant surroundings. A place like the New Forest offers an abundance of rolling hills, verdant woodland and quaint villages where it is not uncommon to see wild horses strolling about. It is a great environment in which to raise children, providing a wealth of outdoor activities that are far removed from the technology based entertainment that so many kids surround themselves with nowadays. The countryside will also allow you to pursue new hobbies, such as bird watching, fishing, horse-riding or simply walking. Wherever you choose to reside, there is a good chance that you will find a number of enjoyable walking routes. Cycling in the countryside is also infinitely better than in the city. Rather than constantly dodging traffic and waiting for green lights you will find yourself free to cycle how you like where you like. From mountain-biking on dirt trails to cycling along country roads – the choice is yours.


One of the great pleasures of your move will be choosing a new home to reside in. You may want your house to be somewhere remote but remember that it is useful to have everyday amenities nearby. Whether you are building your home from scratch or simply renovating a building to suit your tastes, be sure to hire a professional interior designer like Harrowby Designs to ensure a tasteful, bespoke design that will meet all of your requirements. After moving into your new place you will be ready to embark on your new foray into country living. Why not start by sampling some of the locally grown farm produce or establishing your presence at the local pub. Many country pubs have managed to avoid being bought out by large chains and thus still retain their rustic charm. Soon you will be on a first name basis with everyone else who frequents your local.

So if you’re feeling a bit worn out by the urban environment just pack your bags and experience a breath of fresh country air.