Get a Return on Your Investment When Updating Your Flooring

wood floors

Updating a house can be expensive, and many people want to make sure that they can recoup those costs during the purchase of the house when they place it on the market. While renovating kitchen counters or installing a new bathroom sink guarantees a great return on investment, certain questions that come up are how much money and time is required to put in new flooring?

If you have the money to spend to put into the home, try to place it into the flooring. It is a great investment opportunity when done correctly. The floors are the first thing a buyer sees when walking into the home, and it can make or break a deal for you if you ignore the floors to focus on other types of renovation projects. You might even see a profit when the house is sold.

Perhaps the best way to determine what type of flooring you want in the house is to figure out how long you plan to live there. Carpet works fine and can be a safe investment if you don’t plan to be in the house longer than 3 years. If you decide to live in the house longer the 5 years, you should choose a flooring option that you will be happy with, such as hardwood flooring.

Also, decide on the right flooring that works best for the room. Currently, three types of flooring materials are still dominating the market as the ideal flooring in the home: hardwood for living rooms and dining rooms; tiles for kitchens and bathrooms; and carpet for bedrooms and playrooms. Other types of flooring such as bamboo and cork are starting to make their appearance, especially in houses where the homeowner wants to take the “green” approach for a more environmentally-friendly home.

Besides figuring out how long you plan to spend in the house and what type of flooring works best in specific rooms, also decide on how much you have in your renovation budget that you can place into redoing the floors. Don’t put in flooring that will go over your budget because you don’t know if you will recoup on the costs. Raising the price of the house just to try to break even on expensive flooring won’t necessarily work, and the worst thing is to have a house sitting on the market for too long. Follow these remodeling guidelines will prevent a lot of unnecessary hassle.

wood floors