Do You Have a Problem with Wasps


You can depend on pest control technicians to help you with a variety of pest control problems. Some of the services include the following:

  • Eliminating fleas and bed bugs
  • Trapping moles and removing them
  • Controlling rodents, including rodent-proofing your home or business
  • Bird-proofing a property against such birds as crows, jackdaws, or pigeons
  • Removing wasps and their nests

Where Wasps Build their Nests

If you have a problem with wasps, it is better to direct the issue to a competent professional. Most wasps resist efforts to kill them by inflicting stings. Species may build a nest in the ground, within a wall void, under an eave, or in the loft.

When Nest Building Begins

According to technicians who handle cheap pest control services in Didcot, the building of the nest begins in the late spring and progresses to early summer. Worker wasps can be very aggressive in their attempts to protect the reproductive wasps inhabiting a nest.

Never Try to Remove a Large Nest Yourself

Larger nests should only be eliminated by a professional. Also, you do not want to try to remove a nest high up in a tree. As you can imagine, climbing to a high height and fighting off an angry swarm of stinging insects may prove to be detrimental.

Probably the biggest challenge of wasp and wasp nest removal is when the nest is hidden inside a wall or loft. You cannot simply use a spray as it will not reach the nest’s core. Again, only a professional can assess the problem and take the “sting” out of this type of removal issue.