Get the Job Done Faster by Choosing an RMC Solution


Ready mix concrete, or RMC, is a customised solution that is manufactured under a controlled environment. It is used at construction sites where timeliness is a concern. You can realise savings as well when you choose an RMC solution.

Other Reasons to Choose an RMC Solution

RMC benefits include the following:

  • Reduced cement consumption by as much as 12%. This is due to better mixing. A further reduction can be realised if cementitious substances or mineral admixtures are applied.
  • Versatility with respect to placement. RMC can be tailored to meet the placing requirements of the contractor.
  • Because RMV uses bulk cement versus bagged cement, pollution from dust is minimised, thereby saving more cement.
  • Because more cement is saved, the energy and resources used in producing RMC are conserved.
  • Environmental pollution is reduced because of a lower production of cement.

A Reduction in Labour Costs

Using ready mixed concrete and mortar in IG11 also reduces the need for additional labour. As a result, human error is not as much of a concern. Also, when RMC is used, you do not have to set aside storage space for such raw materials as cement, water, aggregates, or admixtures.

RMC provides a ready-made solution as you do not have to worry about erecting and dismantling a site-based batching plant. You also do not need to hire equipment or concern yourself with the costs associated with depreciation. The activity reduces air and noise pollution and involves a lower consumption of diesel and petrol as well. Therefore, you can better stay on top of site activities and costs when you opt for this type of concrete service.