Neighbors Remodeling Their Flat? Here’s How to Deal With It

Remodeling flat

There are many nightmare stories about people in neighboring flats remodeling their flat for months on end, causing unwanted hassle, large amounts of noise and sometimes even damage to other flats. Unfortunately these stories are often true and if you live in a flat the chances are that this may happen to you sooner or later, so you need to be prepared. This post will tell you exactly what you need to do when a neighbor starts remodeling their flat in order to prevent any damages to your own flat and to reach a reasonable compromise on the amount of noise.

Remodeling flat

#1 Stay Calm

This is rule number one as no matter what you need to stay calm in order to achieve the best outcome. Even if you are already on bad terms with the people in the neighboring flat you don’t want to go round all guns blazing causing a fuss. This is because doing so is the definite way to aggravate the situation and end up with results you don’t want. Instead, always stay calm and act nicely to your neighbors as this is going to lead to better results and more useful discussion about the situation.

#2 Ask How Long The remodeling Is Going To Take

Not knowing how long you are going to have to put up with the constant noise and disruption when a neighbor is remodeling their flat makes the situation a lot worse. This is because you don’t have a clear idea of when it will all be over, which is extremely frustrating. Therefore what you need to do is go round and ask your neighbor how long the remodeling is going to take to complete. Once you do this each time you think to yourself “I have had enough of this now” you will be able to remind yourself that there is only X many days left of work to be done.

#3 Take Out Some Insurance

As you probably already know, flats are in very close proximity of each other. Therefore if a neighbor is remodeling their flat there is a chance something can go wrong that affects your flat as well. This may be something like a power cut or a burst water pipe, whatever the issue you need to be sufficiently prepared and protected. The best way to do this is to take out some home insurance. Make sure to shop quotes for home insurance that offer you the best protection for the best value. This way you will be prepared for any disasters that may occur as a result of neighbors remodeling their flat.

#4 Agree To Noise

Whether you have a legal right to prevent your neighbors from making noise between certain times is a frequently asked question. However, most of the time you don’t need to take legal action as you can reach a suitable compromise by talking with your neighbor and explaining your situation to them. It’s much better practice to agree on certain times when they will work on their flat, preferably times when you are out and not asleep, as this will solve a lot of problems. Hopefully your neighbors will be understanding and this can easily be done without taking legal action.

Problem Solved?

All of these tips will help you to avoid a neighbor’s remodeling of their flat turning into a bad situation. Just remember to stay calm, get the details of the work, take out some home insurance and try to make a deal on when they can produce noise. Most of the time your neighbors will be extremely understanding and you will not have any issues.