Kitchen Furniture for a Minimalist Look

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With minimalist kitchen, getting rid of the clutter is your main goal. Perhaps, you want a space and put unnecessary items on storage. You don’t have to go in debt just to turn your kitchen into austerity.

Usually, basics are what matters the most. Here are tips you could use for when you shop aroundand look for kitchen cookware and furniture discount (without excessive cost) to achieve a discreet-look for your kitchen:

furniture discount

Scaled-down Knife Set

In reality, while extensive knife collections are fun, you’ll only ever use a few knives in a set. The set includes the following:

  • Good chef’s knife
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife (double for peeler)
  • Pair of kitchen shears (roasting purposes)

Cutting Board

If you get knives, you better get a sturdy cutting board. A bamboo-made cutting board makes an excellent and attractive choice. Bamboo cutting boards are available in three sizes: large, very small, and the teeny ones. Practically, you just choose one of them depending your usage.

Pot and Pan

Never be run out of pots inside your kitchen. It can be used to prepare warm filling dishes like soups and curries, and as well as, for heating soups, making sauces, gravies, and custards, a stainless steel sauce pan is encouraged to avoid non-stick software.

Mixing Bowl Set

A 3-piece mixing bowl set can make things a lot easier. It can help you prepare elaborate meals and to organize prepped ingredients. A set of three can help tighten your kitchen. If you prefer dual purpose mixing bowls, choose ceramic for it can also serve any dish for you and for your family.

Couple Wooden Spoons

It’s used to mix ingredients and stir sauces with the help of a pair of a wooden spoon. However, for multiple dishes, a set of 3-5 is an advantage.


Of course, egg beater is never been absent. Whisk is also useful for whisking sauces, cream and mayonnaise making even without blenders or food processors.

Clay Baker/Dutch Oven

Clay baker and Dutch oven are excellent in enhancing variety of food dishes especially for roasting chickens, baking breads or pastries and producing striking crust and soft crumb.

Baking Stone

If you look for more durable baking sheets, baking stone is great. It can bake tasty crust of pizzas or breads and even lovely cookies. What is best in baking stone is that it can be kept inside the oven when (not in use), which helps maximize your kitchen space.

So there you have it, a list of kitchen tools to complete your cooking arsenal. By installing individually the chosen kitchen items, you can create your own bespoke kitchen that bridges the divide between extravagance and austerity.