Why You Should Move to Texas

Why You Should Move to Texas
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You may think Texas is all about oil, rodeos and football, but the state has seen a boom in recent years and has much more to offer! If you’re thinking of re-locating for a fresh start, it should be high on your list of options. Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas have seen rapid population growth in the past five years. Some of this is down to increased birth rates, but these cities are also attracting people seeking a better lifestyle and more dollars in their pockets.

The climate and temperatures put some people off considering a move to Texas, but the standard of living is high and it’s a great place for families. The oil and gas industries offer plenty of employment opportunities, and there are also technology, manufacturing and leisure companies. Wages are above the average for many states, and your dollars go further as the cost of living is low.

Houston is a great place for young families considering a move to Texas. Property prices in cities like New York and San Francisco mean you may face a lifetime of renting, but there’s a real chance of buying a home in Houston. The combination of below average property prices, lower cost of living and cheaper utility and transport costs mean the dream of owning a home is within reach.

Cheap land and low regulation mean buying property within Texas is much more affordable than in other states. Land is in abundant supply, and it’s quicker to obtain building permits than in many other regions. Local government in Texas are supportive of home ownership and there are measures in place to speed the process along if you can afford it. The low levels of taxation are also a big help if you’re looking to buy property.

In addition to the financial benefits of moving to Texas, it really is a great place to live! It’s family-friendly, and the schools have outscored other those in other major states in recent years. Texans are down to earth people, and they welcome people from other parts of the US and further afield. Research proves that most people born in Texas tend to stay there into old age, and anyone re-locating from other regions is very likely to be there for many years.

If you’re keen to start a new life, hire some professional movers and head from Texas!