Heating a Pool Year Around

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Everyone likes to be able to dive into a heated pool during the cooler months. This is particularly true of commercial pools found at sporting institutions and community facilities. Those of us with backyard pools of our own might prefer it to be nice and cold during the uncomfortable heat of an Aussie summer, but for others where swimming is not a seasonal affair, having a heated pool is truly a Godsend when it is wet and rainy outside!

Heating a Pool of Any Type

During the winter, pool heating is a necessity even in a country that has a worldwide reputation for being hot and dry. The truth is that plenty of places get very cold during winter and autumn. Here’s where such a system might be in use:

  • Community facilities: There are plenty of sporting facilities dotted around the Australian suburbs that are open to the public. Outdoor pools usually close for half of the year because it is too cold for swimmers, but indoor pools can operate throughout the entire year. Recreation centres are common in our cities and it makes good business sense for them to have a quality heating system installed that is energy efficient and effective. This means that the community can enjoy a dip at any time of the year.
  • Sporting facilities: There are a number of aquatic centres with Olympic sized pools in Australia that require very large heating system installed. Often, the swimmers who frequent these facilities are training year-
  • Home pools: Many people in Australia own backyard pools, and even though one might like to dip into a cold pool on a forty-degree day to cool off, no one enjoys getting into a cold and uncomfortable pool during the rest of the year. To maximise use of the pool, it is wise to have a premium pool heater installed. This is especially the case for home-based pools that are indoor. In fact, if you have a spa installed, it is a good idea to look into energy efficient heating technology that allows you to save money on gas/electric bills.

Efficient and Effective Heating That Saves You Money

If you have decided to invest in a quality pool heater system, you should expect it to be a significant improvement over your existing system. You will likely find that a new system offers the following benefits:

  • Cost Effective: The newest systems offer far more energy efficient operation than their older counterparts. When you have a system like this installed for a large commercial pool or smaller domestic pool, you can expect to save money. In fact, the best heating systems are up to six hundred percent more efficient and generate proportionally more in heat than they consume in electrical power.
  • Operating Range: The increased temperature operating range of the newest heating systems are able to deal with harsh Australian conditions throughout the entire year. They can operate as low as seven degrees below zero, and up to forty-three degrees Celsius.

Whether you have a domestic pool, run a large commercial operation, or manage a community sporting facility, it is time to switch to an energy efficient pool heater system that will save you money and operate more effectively.