Brits ashamed of their homes


Now could be the time for Britons to invest in new duvet cover sets. It is surprising how much of a difference these products can make to the overall look and feel of bedrooms. They can be used to striking effect, adding colour and pattern to the spaces and providing a new, fresh feel to them.

The good news for consumers is, it is now easy to purchase these products. By taking a look online, they can peruse an impressive selection and should quickly find exactly what they are after. Also, they do not have to bust their budgets to get their hands on the items. As long as they look in the right places, people can access top-quality yet cheap duvet cover sets.

It seems as though many UK consumers could benefit from engaging in a home makeover. New research from Dulux has revealed that nearly half of Britons are so ashamed of their properties that it stops them inviting people over. Of the 2,000 individuals polled by the firm, 47 per cent said shame has stopped them having friends or family round. In addition, just over a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents revealed they have never hosted a social event at their home for this reason.


Meanwhile, a third of singletons claim their love lives are suffering because they have to hide their homes.

Common concerns included dated carpets, cracked ceilings, ageing wallpaper and dodgy colours. Many of these problems are easily fixed. As well as investing in new duvet sets, people can replace carpets, add a splash of paint to their walls and engage in other home improvements without spending lots of money.

Despite this, nearly a third of the people polled by Dulux suggested they would prefer to move house than improve their current abodes.

Commenting on the findings, celebrity interior designer and Dulux ambassador Jo Hamilton said: “The study reveals how the British are embarrassed by their homes and the impact this is having on their social lives. It’s a shame that so much living space is left unused when it’s so easily rectified, without having to spend a fortune. I believe everyone should live in a home that makes them comfortable and happy and one that they can be proud of.

“I am passionate about helping people get the homes they long for. A little basic knowledge goes a long way in building the confidence to be bold with colour and to help create a beautiful living space that we can really enjoy.”

The fact is, home improvements do not have to cost a great deal of money. By planning the projects carefully, consumers can ensure they stick to their budgets. Whether they are on the lookout for new bedding or anything else, they can head online to peruse their options. Even if they cannot afford to revamp all of their houses or flats in one go, they can update one room at a time. This process should require minimal investment and stress.