What Are The Levels Of Certification With Adobe Certification Exams?

Adobe Certification Exams
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Adobe Certification Exams are available at several different certification levels. Different levels of certification might be right for you at different points in time. Knowing these levels will allow you to choose among them based on your personal certification goals. Here are the three levels of Adobe certification and what you need to know about each one.

Single Product Certification

You can get certified singly in many of the products that Adobe has available. This is the choice that you make when you only want to demonstrate your expertise when it comes to a single Adobe product. You could build on a single product certification with other certifications later, or you could stop with just one.

Specialist Certification

If you don’t want to stop at showing that you are an expert only with certain Adobe products, then maybe the Specialist certification is for you. The difference is that this level of certification demonstrates your expertise when it comes to a specific medium such as video, web, or print. To achieve this level, you must pass whatever exams may be required in their most current versions, and you get to choose one appropriate elective. You need to take the same version of all the exams.

Master Certification

This certification is attained based on expertise with whole product suites. To get Master level certification, you have to successfully complete all the exams for all the products contained in the suite, and they have to be the current versions of these exams. You need to take the same version of all the exams.