3 Ways To Create A Better Kitchen That Matches Your Lifestyle


While housing prices are just beginning to stir after what seems like an eternity, many people are looking towards kitchen remodeling as a good way to add value to their property. As a result it has been thrust right back into the lime light again. In addition to this because of the shrinking real estate market, more and more people have chosen to stay put and have invested the money they would otherwise use when buying a new home and put it right back into their own property.

Because of this if you’re going to redesign your kitchen it pays to make certain that it’s going to fit in with your lifestyle. Here are some top tips to make sure you succeed.


Open up your space

Many families lead a busy lifestyle and the reality is that a separate kitchen doesn’t often fit in with that ethos. With this in mind you might want to think about opening up the space. Do remember though that open plan can be chaotic if it’s poorly organized so think about what you’re going to use your kitchen for (entertaining, working, cooking, baking, eating etc). If the space isn’t large enough to encompass all your needs then strip away all non-essentials to an adjacent area. For instance, do you really need a desk in the kitchen when you can work off the kitchen table?

Maximize your storage options

Whether you choose to buy kitchen cabinets online or whether you look at bespoke cabinets purchased from a store you need to make sure that you have sufficient storage. If you are worried about the space, then ask about storage solutions for smaller spaces, there are some excellent storage ideas on the market, so you can now have great options for even the smallest of spaces.  Alternatively, why not consider walk in Pantry Cabinets that utilize recesses and odd shaped corners?

Pantry Cabinets

Make the transition to a transitional design

If you aren’t into sparse minimalism, but at the same time aren’t enamoured by the traditional look either, then you may want to think about a transitional design. It bridges the gap between minimalism and traditional and is the perfect solution for those who sit somewhere in the middle. The hallmark of the transitional school of design is simple cabinetry. Therefore say goodbye to the applied mouldings and arched panels and instead embrace flat panel European style units with invisible frames. If you’re purchasing ready to assemble kitchen cabinets then keep to neutral tones such as white. Add a splash of accent colour to recesses and walls to give it that finishing touch. Finally keep your countertops fresh and light in colour and do away with dark-grained granites.

A kitchen that fits perfectly with your lifestyle is going to give you and your family much pleasure for many years to come, so if you’re thinking about a kitchen remodelling project, then take on board these suggestions and do it in style.