Why It Makes Sense to Pre-Source an Emergency Plumber


Of all the domestic services that you might need to call on in an emergency, the plumber is certainly high on the list, as there are many things that could go wrong with the complex network of pipes that make up your plumbing. Here are just a few of the potential situations that could arise with your plumbing.

  1. A Burst Water Pipe – Not something you would wish on your worst enemy, a ruptured water pipe could be catastrophic, especially if no one was at home when it happened, and if there is a right time to call out 24-hour plumbers in Braintree, this would be it. The very first thing to do is shut down the water supply, which will limit the damage, then you need to make a call to the nearest emergency plumber.
  2. A Blocked Drain – Another potentially destructive issue, a blocked drain is not something you should ever tackle on your own, as very often, it makes the problem worse. The emergency plumber has the equipment and the know-how to quickly pinpoint the blockage, which would likely involve sending a CCTV camera into the drains to get a clear picture of where the blockage actually is.
  3. Central Heating Failure – This would have serious consequences, as you would have no heating or hot water, and with a local 24-hour plumber’s number in your smartphone, help is at hand. Most emergency plumbers are qualified to repair gas or oil boilers, and this is most likely to be the cause of the breakdown.

All of the above would warrant calling out a 24-hour plumber, and by sourcing such a tradesman now, you won’t have to panic when the worst happens.