How Interest Rates Directly Influence Property Values

Interest Rates

Interest rates, particularly according to the rates on Treasury bills and interbank exchanges have a good effect on the rate of income-producing real estate, similarly like other investment vehicle. As the influence of the rate of interest on any individual’s ability to buy a residential property is very profound, most of the people have a misconception that the only deciding factors in the valuation of real estate are the mortgage rate. However, the mortgage rates are from the interest-related factors that influence the property values. Interest rates have a direct impact on the capital flows, supply as well as demand for investors and capital required return on investment. Interest rates will certainly make a huge difference in the property price in many ways.

Interest Rates

Valuation Fundamentals:

To get a proper knowledge about how government- influenced financial rates, capital flows and interest rates have a direct impact on property values, it is very important to get the basic knowledge of the income approach. Although the values are mostly depended on the demand and supply for properties in a particular locale, and another alternative cost for developing a new property, income approach is a preferable valuation procedure for the investors. Income approach that is provided by the appraisers of marketable properties as well as by the real estate investors is likely similar to the discounted cash flow study that is conducted on bond and equity investments. To be simpler, the valuation gets started by calculating property income that ultimately is referred as lease payments.

Discount Rates:

The most prominent influence of the rate of interest on the real estate values is visible on capitalization rates. Capitalization rate can be said as the investor’s involved dividend rate, whereas the discount rate is equivalent to the investor’s overall return requirements. K usually symbolizes RROR (Required Rate of Return), whereas capitalization rate is equal to (K-g), where the income growth or raise in the capital appreciation is symbolized as g.

Capital Flows:

The interest rates have a good impact on the mortgage rates and financing cost that in turn affects the cost of property-level and therefore influences the values. However, the demand and supply for competing investments and capital have a huge impact on the investment values and Required Rate of Return. As Federal Reserve Board have changed their focus from the monetary policies towards the rate of managing interest to enhance the economy, their policies have a straight impact on all the investments values.

The rate of interbank exchange is directly proportional to the cost of funds. With the decrease in the exchange rates, the fund costs have also reduced. On the other hand, rise in the rates is equivalent to decrease of fund availability. The capital cost and the capital amount directly affect demand; it also supply the capital offered for the real estate development and purchases.


Most of the retail investors, specifically the homeowners focus on the change in the mortgage rates as they can directly influence the real estate prices. Apart from this, the rate of interest also has a direct influence in the returns on substitute investments. Changes in the required return rates for real estate might vary during the destabilization period.

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