Real Estate Growth and Investment in India A Case Study

real estate india

It has been a real great sight to see how the real estate market has grown over these years in India. The heights that this market has touched is really worth praising. The market is changing and growing with every passing year. There is no doubt that this market is currently one of the fastest growing and fastest developing market in India.

Recently, as we all might have noticed that upcoming projects are going on everywhere in the country. There are so many projects going on simultaneously that the investors have such a long list of options to choose from. Be it apartments, bungalows, pent houses, vacations homes or anything else, there are so many options to choose from.

But in the midst of all this, what we aim at is studying the real estate market in depth. With so many new projects going on in the country, we shall look at how the real estate market in growing. Also, how this market is benefiting the investors is worth knowing about. So what we would now do is see how the real estate market has grown over the years.

real estate india

We have seen that there has been development happening even in the smallest of areas in India. We shall consider one such area which is very close to the capital of Rajasthan which is Jaipur. This area which we would be talking about is Bhiwadi.

Bhiwadi is a city located in the state of Rajasthan. This place was not as populated earlier, in fact the place was quite abandoned. But now as we look upon the same area, we see that there are so many new projects in Bhiwadi that are in the ongoing phase. But before we begin to analyse, we could look at some of the projects going on in Bhiwadi currently,

  • Avalon Royal Park
  • Cosmos Green
  • Krish Icon
  • Genesis Skyheights
  • GTB Florenza
  • HFL Presidency Estate
  • Avalon Rosewood
  • Terra City
  • Aroma Floors

All of these are new projects in Bhiwadi. These are just a few popular picks, but there are a lot more projects going on in this area. Bhiwadi, which some years back was a scarcely populated area is now growing with speed. It is considered as an industrial hub now.

The reason behind giving the details of the development going on in Bhiwadi is that we want to show the real face of the Indian real estate market.

There is development going on in almost every part of India. Just like Bhiwadi is not a very urbanized area but is on the route of being urbanized, in the same way there are so many other areas in India which are witnessing development.

There are so many new projects going on in the country, that there is no chance of looking back. The Indian real estate market is not just limited to one particular area or too few popular cities. But the development is spreading all over the country which is a very merry sight to watch.

New projects in Bhiwadi and other such areas are a proof of the fact that the Indian real estate market is equally growing in all regions. Also, because development is happening all over the country, it is giving the investors a wide and varied range to choose from. From extremely expensive to modestly priced, investors have the opportunity to invest in all kind of properties.

Thus, all in all the Indian real estate market is raging and moving, forward.