Florida Sell My House Fast: Everything You Need to Know

Sell My House

Now is the best time to sell a residential property in Florida. According to professional realtors, property values in the state rose at least 2% in 2019 alone. It is projected to rise a further 5% in the next couple of years. Of course, even the best houses in the state will struggle to sell if people do not price their houses properly, do poor marketing jobs, or do not know how to handle necessary negotiations. To know more about successfully selling a house in Florida, take a closer look at the tips and tricks listed below.

Finding a reputable Florida real estate agent

Selling houses is not a walk in the park. It is always a complex and high-stakes transaction that requires a lot of expertise and time to get a good result. If people are looking to sell their Florida property for the best price possible – and minimize stress during the process – they need to find a reputable real estate agent in their area.

A reputable listing agent will know exactly what buyers in the area want and how to reach them. They will offer guidance, professional advice, and support clients every step of the way, from the listing all the way to the closing of the sale.

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As a matter of fact, on average, sellers who work with reputable realtors net at least 30% more compared to individuals who do the listing on their own. For a $200,000 house, the premium can reach at least $80,000. In short, hiring agents is well worth people’s investment.

Choosing the time when to sell

Although it is probably not the first thing, people think about when disposing of their house, the timing of their sale can have a significant impact on the amount of time the house spends on the market, as well as the sales price they achieve.

Best time to sell a Florida property for speed

According to research, April and June are the best months to dispose of houses quickly. Property listed in April and June spend 48 days on the housing market, which is three days faster compared to the Florida average. In comparison, houses listed in February were listed on the market for at least 50 days before it was sold. But always remember that DOM or Days on Market does not include how long it will take to close the sale. So even in April or June, people will still need to account for another 30 to 40 days to close the deal.

Best time to sell a Florida property for the price

If homeowners are looking for the best month to get the best sales price possible, they need to list their property in June. Houses listed in June ended up selling for at least $250,000, which is almost $10,000 more compared to the average sales price for the entire year.

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Pricing the house

A CMA or a comparative market analysis is a scheme used to get a precise idea of the home’s value. It is calculated by comparing sales prices of houses that are recently sold in the area and taking into account data points like the house’s condition, square footage, as well as any special attributes it has. It is imperative to note that CMA is not an appraisal.

But it can help people create a realistic and strategic pricing plan for their sales goals. An experienced and reputable real estate agent is very important when it comes to assessing the value of the house accurately, especially if the owner needs to dispose of their properties fast, without compromising on their sales price.

Marketing, preparing and presenting your home

Effective marketing of your home can have a considerable impact on its saleability. It gets the listing in from of potential buyers by highlighting their best-selling features. Listed below are some steps that will help increase the property’s visibility and maximize its appeal to buyers. If you are living in Florida, sell your home fast by doing some marketing, preparing it nicely, and presenting it to potential buyers the right way.

Home staging is the key

Home staging can present homes in their best light by decorating them with accessories and furniture that emphasize their selling point, as well as help buyers visualize their lives there. For instance, if people are trying to sell a house and believe that their dining area or kitchen is the property’s highlight, they can draw attention to these parts of their home by ensuring dining tables and countertops are appropriately staged.

It can help buyers imagine what it would be like to hold their dinner party and live there. Staging will not only make homes more attractive to potential buyers, but the information also shows that staged houses spend at least 80% less time on the housing market compared to unstaged ones.