The Value of Adding a Garage to Your Property


If you live in a city such as Manchester or its surrounding suburbs, parking can be an issue. Many houses or flats do not come with driveways so most people park on the street. However, if there is parking space on your property, adding a garage provides a safe place to park a vehicle and adds value to your property.


Is Permission for Garages Required?

If you’re considering adding a garage or another outbuilding to your property, planning permission may not be necessary. Detached garages that are limited to one storey with eaves no more than 2.5 metres in height and a maximum height of four metres for dual pitched roofs or three metres for other roofs do not require permission. Also, the garage cannot take more than half the land around the original house.

The definition of “original house” means that no extensions exist on the property and it’s as it was built or stood on July 1, 1948 if the house existed before that date. However, this only applies to houses so if you own a flat, maisonette, or converted house and want to add a garage on the property, you would need planning permission. Permission is also required if the any of the land is in a national park, the Broads, conservation areas, or World Heritage Sites.

Added Value

A garage can add value to your property, especially if parking is hard to come by in where you live. Hiring builders in Cheadle to add a garage can increase the value of your home by five percent. Garages are not necessarily expensive to build, depending on the materials used, so it could be well worth adding one to your property.

Getting your vehicle off the street keeps it from being damaged in accidents and by hailstones or other severe weather.