Five Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value Through Renovation

home value

So you’ve found your dream home. All you want to do is throw your old house on the market and rush in to your new life. However, before you do, you should seriously contemplate spending a little on fixing up the parts of your home you found hardest to live with. If you didn’t like the colours of your walls or your bathroom, why would potential home buyers? A little bit of money on superficial renovations can seriously increase the value of your home greatly – try these five to start with.

When in the space age…

If your house is pokey and lacking in natural light, you’ll be surprised at the space you can create by knocking down a wall or two. Any house that offers a spacious kitchen flowing on to a dining area and living space will be much more valuable than a bunch of little separate rooms. It also makes for a social living space, making it easy to connect with friends or watch the kids while in the kitchen or watching television.

Working from home

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly prominent today. People are choosing to work from home and therefore, home offices are becoming essential fixtures in any family home. Turning a spare bedroom or small, unused room into a study when selling will allow potential buyers to see the room’s potential as a home office. Luckily, furniture is not permanent, so you can explain that, if it is in the buyer’s interests, it can be converted back in to a bedroom.

Outdoor living

Today’s home design is all about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor, so finding ways to extend your living space into the garden will add great value to your home. This can be achieved by replacing a small screen door with large concertina doors or by adding an extention such as a deck or patio. Vamp the space up with a table and chairs, bar area or an outdoor fireplace. You might like to visit other homes for sale to gain more ideas on how to do this successfully.

Wash your way to a better price
An unattractive bathroom can be a big turn-off when looking for the perfect home, so spritzing yours up could work wonders for the end sale price. Yes, bathrooms can be fairly expensive to redecorate so plan out what truly needs changing and what could blend in to a few fresh features. Try to avoid major pluming changes and stick to a simple facelift. Think fresh tiles, a glass shower door and modern tap fittings.

My kitchen rules

Kitchen renovations can potentially completely blow out the budget, but with a bit of self-control and a keen eye for bargains, you could add serious value with relatively small costs. Shiny taps and fresh looking doors and benches can make a huge impact on the perception of your home.