Turn Your Dreams Of A Log Cabin Into Reality With These Top Tips

Log Cabin

Lots of us have dreams of the perfect house we would love to live in. Quite often this involves a mansion or castle on a thirty-acre plot! Of course, when we’re considering something in the real world, we may be thinking more about owning a small beach house, or a log cabin in the woods. Having a little retreat we can call our own is a wonderful idea. It provides that quick getaway we need when we’ve had a tough week. And it also offers the chance for catching up with friends and family on vacation.

If you’re thinking of buying a property for a vacation spot, why not consider building one? It gives you the opportunity to own the kind of property you’ve always dreamed of. When we buy property, it can feel like there is always a sacrifice to be made. The living room is gorgeous but the bedrooms are too small. The kitchen is high end, but the bathroom is impractical. These kinds of sacrifices don’t happen when you build your own.

Log Cabin

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One of the easiest self-builds you can take on is a log cabin. And in many places, there is virtually no government red tape to deal with either. However, with modern techniques and facilities, it can be best to enlist the help of a specialist building company. You may also want to engage an architect to help you get the very best out of the design. Just because it’s a log cabin doesn’t mean it can’t be an incredible home.

Building techniques for this kind of accommodation have changed over the years. If you’re not familiar with the latest standards, it could be worth checking out websites like www.MountainHomeBuildingProducts.com/chinking-and-sealants/ for ideas. Getting the construction right not only provides you with a beautiful home but one that will stay warm and dry for life.

All log cabins need a gorgeous fireplace to sit beside. You might choose a stone surround for this. If you do, consider carefully the type of stone you want to use. You might pick locally sourced materials from your county’s quarry. You may pick stone for the texture or the color. There are plenty of reasons for using stone. But it’s not your only choice. You can always opt for a surround that resembles stone at just a fraction of the cost.

These days many log cabins are connected to all the main services, including broadband internet. This means you can enjoy all your favorite mod cons. This kind of property can still feel rustic with an electricity supply! Look for furniture that can neatly hide the gizmos, gadgets and appliances you use. Cabinetry is one way to do it. False walls have also been used with success to remove TVs and sound systems from view.

If you are considering owning a log cabin, why not rent a couple in the meantime? That way you can enjoy the experience and see how other people have designed their vacation homes. You’ll find lots of details you like as well as others you’ll want to avoid. Enjoy your gorgeous vacation home.