Top 5 Tips for Passing your Real Estate Exam


If you are looking to venture into the real estate business, you will need to get a license. And the only way to get a license is through passing your real estate exam. As easy as that sounds, many people find it extremely challenging to pass the tough real estate exam. In fact, about 50% of all people who take the test for the first time end up failing.

Luckily enough, you don’t have to suffer a similar fate. Here are our top five tips for passing your real estate exam, the first time:

Get exam prep study aids

Real estate exams cover an extensive amount of material, so it can be overwhelming to try to cover all aspects during revision. For this reason, many agents don’t manage to revise comprehensively, making it hard to pass the exam. Instead of firing from the hip, it’s best to use a real estate prep guide, as it will help you know what to focus on to pass the test. Knowing your area of weakness is critical, because only then will you be aware of where to concentrate your efforts.

And don’t just focus on a single practice exam, go ahead and take as many as you can, to acquaint yourself with the different wording and question variations. Master the mathematical formulas; they will come in handy for the math sections. Concentrating on areas that you find challenging will make the process much less overwhelming.

Two heads are better than one

Find others who are also prepping for the same exam as you and work together. Discussing with people will not only help you cover more ground within a short amount of time, but will also help you gain lots of knowledge from your peers. Your area of weakness could be your friend’s point of strength and vice versa, and when you put your heads together, you get to help each other out.

Don’t forget to rest

Some people panic, and they want to revise up to the last minute, which isn’t a good thing. Instead, relax on the day of your exam, so you don’t wind up feeling tired. Ensure you are well nourished and don’t try to do a practice test on the exam day – last minute cramming can build up tension and cause you to overthink. Just be calm and focused on the test in front of you.

Read the questions carefully

It’s recommended that you read every word, carefully, and even multiple times whenever necessary. This may sound trivial or obvious, but in a timed multiple-choice exam, misreading or missing a word (such as “none” or “all”) can make a difference, because it can totally change the question’s context.

Keep track of your answers

Lastly, keenly track the questions you’re on so you don’t end up filling correct answers in the wrong order on the answer sheet. A single mistake can make the whole exam wrong. So, pay attention to all the details.