Tips for Maintaining Your Central Heater

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Central heating units are commonly used in many houses throughout the country. Most people keep their central heaters active year round, while several people shut their heaters down during the summer months, only to activate them once winter approaches. However, proper central heating maintenance is very important if you want to avoid certain problems with the heater. Some common issues that can arise in your central heater include the following:

  • Heater stops functioning properly
  • Electric circuitry malfunctions
  • Filter stops working properly

There are many local companies that offer qualified central heating services in Bridport. It’s important that you contact a reputable company for maintenance work to avoid problems with your central heater. There are many things you can do in order to keep your central heater running smoothly throughout the course of the year. Here are some things you should know about central heater maintenance.


At least once a year you should get your central heater properly cleaned and serviced by a professional. The company will need to clean the inner units and the outdoor units properly to clean the filters and the vents. Cleaning the heater could greatly reduce problems in the unit.

Basic Maintenance Tips

You can avoid a series of different problems if you learn a thing or two about maintaining the central heater. For instance, if you hear any weird noises coming from your heater, shut it down right away and call a company to come out and look at it. Similarly, if the heater stops working properly, you should get it checked.