Tips to make your Corporate Move Smoother

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Whether you are moving to a new home or relocating your business, moving can be a difficult process. Commercial moves can be one of the most difficult, considering the need to maintain your current business practices while moving. Interruptions in the business are expected in a move, but there are several things you can do in order to make the transition to a new location as simple as possible.

Plan in Advance

In order to lessen the interruptions of your business practices, it is best to plan your move well in advance. Making sure you have everything planned will help you, your company, and the movers move with greater ease. A current floor plan should be designed by your company to show movers and employees how the move is going to take place. To get your business settled the quickest, decide which department will be moved first. The first department in the new location should be the one that will be the most effective in speeding up the transition. Work with appointed coordinators to coordinate packing processes, and the transition of getting everything and everyone to the new location.

Know Who to Inform of the Changes

Once a location is picked and moving day decided, planning should begin at least sixty days in advance. This gives you time to alert your customers and employees, as well as give you time to change your information with utilities, communication services, and other business entities such as vendors, distributors, etc.

It is necessary in commercial moves to work with your employees to ensure the best transition. Employees will have many questions about the change in locations, and proper communication with them will keep the change from being negative.

Begin Packing

The packing process can be stressful, but it is best to be organized and precise. Begin with the creation of a system; having codes, colors, or specialty labels will make the packing and unpacking process easier. Certain items are in the “pack” category, while others are not. Many items, such as vertical files do not need to be packed. Desks, bookcases, storage cabinets, and certain filing cabinets are in the pack category. Many movers provide library carts and move cartons that make the moving of certain items easier. When moving, it is best to have knowledge of what items require special attention in the move. Have an inventory system that marks these items. Before the moving date, loose items should already be packed. Have employees pack up and label their own desk or work space.

Choosing the Best Mover for Your Company

When planning your move, it is essential to choose a moving company that will be able to provide everything your move entails. Not all movers are equipped to handle the ins and outs of a corporate move. It is best to know what you need from a moving company by going over the following:

– Know what you need packed, and if you need the moving company to pack items and equipment for you.

– Be aware of the timing of your move, including security of the new and old buildings, elevator shutdowns, weekend closures, and if the moving company can work with that schedule.

– Ask the company about their insurance policies for damages and losses.

– If you need to purchase separate moving cartons/boxes or if the company provides them.

– Does the company have pre-move meetings to ensure their knowledge of the current and new floor plans?

Despite the stress of relocation and moving, the transition can be made easier when the above tips are followed. Be prepared by creating a plan, having coordinators, and by working with specialized commercial movers. These companies are aware of what goes into a commercial move and are able to make the transition simpler and quicker for those in the moving process.