How to Time Your Move to Avoid Storage Fees

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Moving can be expensive and you need to save money where you can. Often, you may need to store your belongings if there is a gap between selling your old home and completing the purchase of your new one.  Only by taking control of the whole process, can you ensure that you move in to your new home without needing  to send your household goods into storage and pay exorbitant fees.

Plan your process

Moving home can also be one of the most stressful times in your life, but with a little planning the whole process can be a little easier.

First, you need to understand the sale and purchase process. Ask questions of your mortgage company, the valuation expert, your potential estate agents and your solicitor. They will all be involved in moving matters along as your home sale and purchase progresses. Last, but not least, speak to your removal company early in the process so that you can give them some guide dates for when you’re most likely to be moving home.

After the recession, more people are finding it difficult to get a mortgage application accepted, so it is easier on your nerves if you apply for your own mortgage early and don’t commit yourself to the move until you have the mortgage offer in writing. Conversely, you may need to consider whether it’s good practice to accept an offer on your property and prevent other people from viewing your property, until you know your purchasers have their mortgage offer in writing.

steps doorway and pot flowers

There will be a lot of pushing for you to commit yourself to several actions during the procedure. The estate agents will want you to sell speedily, because they get paid quicker. The solicitors on both sides of the equation will be working for their side of the deal, but while they will want everything to move along smoothly, they will be working for their client first and foremost.

Timing is vital

Consider not committing to a date to move into your new home unless you know it is going to be ready for you. This may be particularly important if you are moving into a new build property. While all new house builders will suggest when a property will be ready, poor weather and other activities may have an effect, and you may find yourself with a date to move out of your current home and a completion date for your new property some weeks away.

Quite often, the two solicitors will agree a date when everything should go through smoothly. It’s best if you have a provisional date booked with your removers, because you wouldn’t want to be unable to move your household goods from your home if your remover suddenly tells you that they’re too busy on the day you require them. Moving on a day other than a Friday will help availability as most people try to move the day before the weekend to give them time to settle into their new home before going back to work.

There’s nothing wrong with selecting your new home purchases, like a fridge, bed and sofa, but not committing to a date for delivery. There’s no point in having to pay storage fees for these items, if they can be stored in the manufacturer’s factory for free.

Finally, it’s also worth clearing the clutter at your old home before you move. If the worst happens, at least you’ll have less to go into storage.