Suggestions on finding the right Removals Company

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Anyone who has ever moved house, knows what a nightmare the whole thing can be. It is only when things start going out the front door, you realise just how much stuff you actually have and what you thought was simple, can easily become something you never want to go through again. Finding the right removals company can seriously simplify everything, so all you then need to do is make your way to the new house, stress free. There are a few key things to focus on in finding the right one however, as all removal companies are not the same, and this is an operation that really does need to run smoothly.

Fully Comprehensive Service

The big pieces are easy. The smaller items that need to be boxed and packed can be very time consuming and when they get to the other end, finding what has ended up where can be horrendous. Allowing trained specialists with a professional labelling system, to do the packing, ensures unpacking becomes simple and stuff you no longer want doesn’t clutter up your new home.

A helpful attitude

You are entrusting your possessions to the removalists, so from the first inquiry, you should hear warm, cheerful voices, with a friendly attitude and willingness to cater to all of your needs. A firm who is ready to pay attention to fragiles and breakables with the same care you would give yourself. Any firm that isn’t ready to do this for you, probably also isn’t who you want handling your expensive items.


You can find removalists from Balmain to Brisbane, but it is not a job for two fellows with a van. Nor is it something you want to entrust to someone who started business last week. Look for a firm who has been around for a number of years, and publicly display customer testimonials in their office and on their website.


Cost is always something to consider and the most expensive companies do not necessarily provide the best service. A good idea is to get several written quotes and ensure that any hidden extras are not going to arrive later to ruin your day. The professional removalists industry is pretty competitive, so beware any quotes that are outside of the average. What seems a bargain, could be the beginning of a horror story. Once you make your choice make sure the agreement with the final price is in writing.

Can they actually handle the job?

What do you do if the truck coming to your house breaks down or has an accident? That gets a whole lot worse if they don’t have backup. Make sure your removalists have plenty of vehicles available to them, preferably in a range of depot locations, to avoid delays. If you are moving out and someone else is moving in, you really need to know it will happen on schedule. Always ask the firm about their contingency abilities.

If your selected firm meets the above criteria, your move should be smooth and you can begin to enjoy your new home, with someone else, quite literally, carrying the load.