Space Efficient Appliances for Tight Living Spaces

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If you find yourself moving into a small apartment or tiny home, space is going to be a rare commodity. You’re going to need to think outside of the box and look for solutions that can make the most of what you have. You’ll need to avoid large and bulky furniture. This applies to appliances as well. Take it from someone who has seen it all. I’ve been called in on countless jobs, many of which have involved shoebox-sized living spaces. Over the years I’ve come across some great gadgets that will make your life easier when you have to manage in close quarters.

A Compact Oven

Viking and a number of other manufacturers, makes a compact oven that is only 24 inches. It is available in a variety of colors, such as black, white, custom preferences, or stainless steel. It’s a gas range that includes such features like a convection oven and a broiler. It will suit the purposes of any kind of cook and works well to conserve space. Haier offers a 20 inch, electric oven. If you really have a tight squeeze, such as a studio apartment that isn’t much bigger than a closet, consider a toaster oven and a cooktop. You can easily store these appliances that take up little counter space.

A Tiny Microwave the Packs a Punch

Most microwaves are at least 30 inches wide. Look a little harder and you’ll find one as small as 22 inches, such as one of AJ Madison’s models. A microwave is a great choice because you can use it for so many different kinds of meals.

A Mini Dishwasher

If you have the space and can afford the luxury of a dishwasher, Bosch has designed an appliance that is only 18 inches wide. You can really make your limited space work for you and have all of the comforts that come with a larger home, tucked in the nooks and crannies. If you really want to stretch your imagination, Fisher and Paykel actually makes a single-dish drawer.

Don’t Forget the Compact Refrigerator

You have plenty of options when you need a fridge. You can always go with the tiny models that are popular for college students in the dorm. While it’s true that you can’t fit very much in such a small refrigerator, it is possible to get by. If anything, you’ll be more likely to eat fresh foods. If you’re thinking bigger, Summit has made a 24 inch model. You can also go with a refrigerator that only reaches the height of a counter top, such as a product made by Sanyo.

A Little Washer and Dryer

Bosch and Haier only two of many companies that have developed compact washers and dryers. You can choose a washer that is 1.0 cubic feet and a dryer that is 2.1 cubic feet, taking up very little space in your home. If you prefer, you can go with a stackable washer and dryer that will need more height, but less width.

Take a good look around and make the most of what you have. Think small and find appliances that are a good fit.