A small removal van is better than a big removal van

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Especially when you plan a relocation by moving small furniture and other small removals that just barely can`t fit in your normal car. Hiring a small van gives you the advantage of fitting all your objects and possessions in just one vehicle and therefore to complete the relocation in just one day. The small removal vans are also much cheaper instead of hiring a big vehicle and leaving much of its full cargo area almost empty. You can even take advantage of hiring only a small van as one of the cheapest removal services, where you are the driver too and you have to do everything by yourself.

Advantages of the small van:

1 – It is much easier for driving. It has a greater maneuverability by contrast to the bigger removal vans, which are heavier and longer. Not to mention the removal trucks or the biggest vehicles that can load a number of storage containers, or the long trucks with trailers. They are better for moving the objects from a two-, three- or more bedroom house at once.

2 – It has a great fuel economy advantage, than the bigger vans with bigger engines. This is a very important highlight if you plan to move on a budget or at super long distances.

3 – The small vans usually don`t require extra crew for maintenance, loading or unloading. This means that you can be the driver too and to be responsible for the safety of your possessions when loading and unloading the small van.

4 – The small vans don`t require much parking space. You can easily find a place to stop in front of the new house and to unload for a couple of hours, without worrying about the neighbors or the road traffic.

5 – You can easily keep on eye your belongings in the cargo area, which is usually a part of the main car interior or something like a big storage area instead of back seats. You don`t need to stop the vehicle and to open a different door in order to enter and to check out the condition of your items.

A smaller van is better for small furniture removals too, however, to choose the perfect small van might be difficult. You have to consider the exact volume of your objects in the removal boxes, as well as objects that will be stored only in wrappings. Make a little bit of sorting and de-cluttering in advance, and pile all the boxes in one corner of the room to see the exact volume, and take some measurements. Then, stroll through the sites of the removal agencies in your region and ask quotes for small removal vans. Take also into account which van you need – whether a van with a side door is better or with a bigger rear door, whether you need a van with air-con if you relocate in the summer, etc.

A small removal van is better than a big removal van 1

A couple important tips for optimizing the cargo area of the small van:

Tip 1: Optimize the arrangement of the boxes and the bags. There is always an option to make a better arrangement and thus to save space to store more items. Check out the height of the cargo area in advance and calculate which boxes exactly to pile one on top of another so to fit them right to the top of the van.

Tip 2: Centering the weight of the van plays a major role for your comfort during the trip and for your items as well. Put the heaviest boxes in the center of the van and only on the bottom.