Regular Heater Inspection Could Reduce CO2 Emissions


Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious problem for many households and contributes to hundreds of deaths every year. However, many experts believe that the many problems which CO2 poisoning causes could be eradicated simply by homeowners choosing to have regular heater inspections.

The problem with carbon monoxide is that it is invisible, odorless, tasteless, and is virtually undetectable. It is produced when the fuels which many heaters, boilers and other appliances use don’t burn properly. It can also be produced by car exhausts and cigarette smoke.

Although many appliances are completely safe, there are those which are old, have not been properly fitted or simply have a broken element to them which could be leaking CO2 into the home.


The most serious effect of CO2 poisoning is death, and this can happen quickly and with little warning. However, other symptoms of poisoning might include nausea and light headedness, headaches, tiredness and confusion and shortness of breath.  However, because many of these symptoms could easily be the result of a virus or other illness, CO2 poisoning might be ignored.

For this reason, many people choose to have CO2 detectors fitted into their homes. These devices work in the same way as smoke alarms in that they only raise an alarm if they detect the presence of CO2. However, as many people say prevention is better than cure and a regular Fort Worth heater inspection could quickly tell a homeowner whether their heater is likely to develop a problem, or if one exists currently.