Three Reasons to Consider a Condo


patrice bergeron condo 8Similar to owning a home, you purchase a condo and then own the property outright, but some elements of the condo are similar to the action of living within an apartment, which is why so many people want to know if it is worth it or not. First, you must understand that many condos are located adjacent to others, meaning you must share at least one wall of your home with that of another family and live in fairly close proximity to your neighbour. If you live in a building with two or more stories, you may even find yourself living above or below another family, much as you would if you chose to rent an apartment.

No Lawn Maintenance

One of the big appeals for a condo is that you never need to worry about maintaining the property outside of your own four walls, which includes all of the yard work that is often frustrating and hard to handle in a traditional home. When you choose the right condo for you, part of the benefits afforded to you is that another company will take care of the majority of all maintenance needs on your behalf as part of your arrangement for living there. This is why you absolutely must check out the latest condo listings in Singapore if you want to avoid missing out on some of the spectacular deals already on the market just waiting to be noticed by you.

More Cost-Effective

The same size home will always cost you significantly more compared to a comparable condo, which is another big draw for first-time homeowners looking to enjoy a beautiful home without the frustration of a huge mortgage. The cost of your condo will still depend on its size, location, and the luxury of the buildings in which it is constructed, but to purchase the equivalent of a single-family property on its own will always cost you more in the long run. For this reason, you stand to save as much as 25% by the time you see the condo key handed to you and the property officially signed over to your name.

Make Good Friends

One final benefit of a great condo is that you get to meet others with the same mindset who took advantage of the great deals located throughout Singapore. The beautiful homes here are more affordable than in other countries, even that of other Asian countries, meaning you not only save more by choosing this option compared to a conventional home, but you also save more by choosing this particular part of the world. Your beautiful home will stun those who come for a visit and leave you feeling proud of your choices as you continue to move towards improving your life one step at a time and enjoying many luxuries.